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The best 5G deals available today: check out the latest 5G tariffs around

5G deals
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Complete guide to 5G

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With new 5G phones emerging all the time, existing handsets are only going to get cheaper. And that means you'll be able to pick up some cracking deals on 5G phones as 2020 goes on. 

Also expect both the structure and cost of deals to change due to various factors - wider network rollout, increased interest in 5G from consumers and businesses, the coronavirus outbreak and even the fallout from Brexit if you live in the UK. 

Samsung still leads the way with a full range of 5G phones now on the market. With the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phones having debuted, Samsung's earlier 5G phones are rapidly dropping in price. 

On this page, we've gathered together the best 5G deals on the hottest handsets - whether you're buying 5G phones in the US or the UK. 

Our 5G deals are constantly updated with our easy-to-use and widgets which you can see below. These deals will change on a regular basis, so do check back if you can't find what you want. 

What new 5G phones will we get in 2020?

The recent Galaxy S20 launch saw three new 5G phones launch from Samsung - the current market leader for 5G phones. The new handsets were the Samsung S20 5G, S20+5G and S20 Ultra 5G and it was the first phone launch to go '5G first' with the 4G versions introduced almost as an afterthought. 

Oppo has followed-up the Reno 5G from last year with the flagship Find X2 Pro now coming to Europe. Expect more devices to launch in the Reno range, too. Likewise sister brand Realme has debuted the excellent but well-priced X50 Pro.

Sony has also launched its first new phone - the Sony Xperia 1 mark II. It boasts a 4K HDR 21:9 screen and has Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 5G platform. 

Nokia's first 5G phone takes a different approach from rivals, targeting the mid-range end of the market (which means budget-level for a 5G phone) with the Nokia 8.3 5G, which uses the Snapdragon 765 platform. 

We've also seen Huawei's P40 and P40 Pro launch in 5G versions that are coming to the UK - although as with last year's Mate 30 Pro, they don't use Google apps. As such they are virtually impossible to recommend. That's a shame because the hardware is once again superb. 

And 2020 will, of course, also see new 5G handsets from other manufacturers including OnePlus, Motorola and more. 

We're expecting the first 5G iPhone to be available later in 2020, almost certainly at Apple's September launch. This will use former-friend and foe Qualcomm's technology after Intel announced early in 2019 that it would stop developing 5G phone chips. Apple subsequently bought the bones and people from Intel's modem business with the hope of developing its own modem chips for the future. 

Qualcomm says these other devices are coming soon based on Snapdragon 865: Asus ZenFone 7 and ROG Phone 3, Black Shark 3, Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro and the ZTE Axon 10s Pro.

What to look for when comparing 5G deals

  • Look for 5G, not 4G - When you're looking for a 5G mobile deal you do need to be careful at the moment - while a lot of networks say that 5G is available at no extra cost, they may put you on a 4G tariff (especially if they're offering 5G phones yet don't yet have a 5G network fully launched). Essentially, you should check when signing up for a 5G phone that it will work on 5G networks by default (some networks appear to be saying you need to change your SIM when this time comes).
  • Data - Unless you are planning to use mobile data sparingly, you need to have unlimited data with 5G deals. Our experiences with 5G so far indicate that being connected to a 5G network can eat through data fairly rapidly.
  • Upfront cost - Deals on 5G devices remain expensive and you may be better off paying more upfront for a phone or buying one outright SIM-free - check out the prices below.
  • Explore cheaper alternatives - Unless you're keen to have a phone from a particular brand, shop around. The price differences between networks are quite sizeable.
  • Early bonus - The phones on this page are early 5G devices. Second-generation 5G phones are already beginning to debut. 2020 will see a flood of new entrants into the market including flagship devices. That means these older handsets will be available on much better deals at that point. There's not too much harm in getting ahead of the curve now - although 5G phones still tend to be a little more expensive than their 4G counterparts. 

What to look for in a 5G phone

  • Are they actually 5G? - This sounds ridiculous, but many 2019 phones are not 5G. So make sure you're not being duped into choosing a 4G phone.
  • Physical size - Many 5G phones are large, due to the amount of cooling needed but also because of the trend for bigger phones at the premium end of the market. If you want a smaller 5G phone you'll need to wait.
  • Only the features you need - 5G phones are mostly quite expensive, so it's important to choose one that actually suits your needs rather than going for the best one on a super-expensive deal. A classic example of this is with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G; if you don't need the S-Pen stylus that comes with it then plump for something else instead.
  • Battery life - Look out for the battery life, since 5G phones can be a bit more thirsty in this department. It's best to go for independent assessments, because manufacturers will always overstate this - sometimes by quite a lot.
  • Camera - It's fair to say that the cameras on all of the below phones are strong, but it's worth looking up more information and camera samples if you want to take particular styles of photos. Night Mode is a particular strength of some handsets but still a weakness of others - make sure you're getting something that you want, especially if you're paying a lot of money for a 5G device. 

The best 5G phone deals

Here we've suggested the top deals for each of the key 5G handsets currently on the market and we're adding more as big-name 5G phones continue to roll out. 

Check back as these deals will change regularly - the price widgets are dynamically populated so they'll automatically be filled with the very latest and best deals. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung A90 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20+

(Image credit: Samsung )

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

Samsung S20 Ultra

(Image credit: Samsung )

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung S10 5G

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

(Image credit: OnePlus)

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

(Image credit: Huawei)

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G

Samsung Note 10+ 5G

(Image credit: Samsung)

Oppo Reno 5G

(Image credit: Oppo)