'5G Scorecard' shows T-Mobile has broadest everyday 5G availability in US

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RootMetrics has released their first-ever 5G Scorecard, which shows the current leaders in the race for 5G supremacy between the US’s 5G networks is somewhat of a mixed bag. AT&T currently leads the race for Everyday 5G download speeds, T-Mobile offers the broadest Everyday 5G availability of any carrier, while Verizon now leads the race for Everyday 5G reliability. 

For an accurate snapshot, RootMetrics tests the 125 most populated metropolitan markets in the US, every six months. Their May 5G Scorecard looks at results from the first 65 cities the company tested in 2021. To highlight recent trends, the 5G Scorecard also breaks out results from 20 recently tested cities. 

Results in 5G-only and 5G mixed mode

In the new 5G Scorecard, RootMetrics also introduced its “Everyday 5G” results, a new way of measuring 5G performance that reflects the most typical end-user 5G experience. Everyday 5G results factor in results recorded on both 5G-only and 5G mixed mode. 5G-only results show how 5G technology would perform if it were ubiquitous today, while 5G mixed mode results reflect the increasingly common user experience of switching between 5G and 4G LTE during the same data activity. Combining these two 5G possibilities, Everyday 5G results reflect the most typical user experience when connected to 5G for any amount of time.

T-Mobile holds a significant lead in the race for Everyday 5G availability, recording the highest Everyday 5G availability in 44 out of 65 total cities tested to date. T-Mobile 5G also showed improved Everyday 5G availability and download 5G speed in 20 recently tested cities.  


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As well as showing AT&T 5G to be currently leading the Everyday 5G download speed race, the carrier’s Everyday 5G availability and download speed results showed improvement across 20 recently tested markets in 2021 compared to the same 20 cities tested in the second half of 2020.

Verizon’s strong results in recent testing helped the carrier take the lead for Everyday 5G data reliability, after testing 65 markets so far in 2021. Verizon 5G also showed Everyday 5G download speed improvements in recent testing, which helped the carrier gain ground on AT&T when looking at results for all 65 markets tested to date.


(Image credit: Rootmetrics)

“Users are spending more and more time on 5G mixed mode.”

Kevin Hasley, RootMetrics.

“The 5G race can change quickly. Our new 5G Scorecard shows how the carriers stacked up across the first 65 cites we tested this year, and breaking out results from 20 recently tested markets shows just how dynamic the 5G race can be over a short period of time. We’re also excited to introduce Everyday 5G results into our reporting. As 5G continues to expand, users are spending more and more time on 5G mixed mode, so we feel it’s important to factor those results into our reporting to capture the most typical 5G experience,” said Kevin Hasley, CEO, RootMetrics.

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