83 million 5G cars will be on the roads by 2035, survey predicts

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A study carried out by ABI Research has revealed the impact that 5G will have on both vehicles and the roads that we drive them on in the future. 

The 5G in automotive and smart transportation application analysis report made some huge predictions, stating that there will be 41 million 5G-connected cars on the road by 2030, rising to 83 million by 2035.  

Future of driving

C-V2X is a global system for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and V2X communication which focuses on both safety and smart systems, such as automated driving. C-V2X should essentially build a foundation to support 5G use cases in cars.

A European standard which defined the use of C-V2X as an access technology for intelligent transportation system (ITS) devices has now been approved by the European Telecommunication Standardisation Institute (ETSI).

This is exciting as 5G use cases can now be created using this technology, bringing exciting new developments to everyday vehicles. 

Huge momentum

"Bringing 5G-based cellular connectivity into cars will be critical in making the vision of zero road traffic deaths a reality."

Leo Gergs, ABI Research.

“These numbers underline the huge momentum for cellular connectivity, and particularly 5G, in the automotive sector,” said Leo Gergs, research analyst for 5G markets at ABI Research. “As a consequence, we will see a rising number of automotive OEMs start developing C-V2X modules for their cars during 2020. We can then expect the first 5G connected cars on the roads in 2022.”

Ford has already announced new cars equipped with C-V2X for 2021 and others aren’t far behind. Audi, BMW and Volkswagen have partnered with Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia to test 5G technology for connected cars.

“More importantly, however, the sharing of sensor data will make overtaking much safer and will be critical to protecting vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians or cyclists. Therefore, bringing 5G-based cellular connectivity into cars will be critical in making the vision of zero road traffic deaths a reality.” Gergs said.

Taking a step back and looking at the impact of 5G as a whole, ABI said that the contribution of 5G to global GDP will reach US$17tn by 2035. 5G-connected vehicles will have a huge impact on this. 

Now its time to work on these use cases to make these figures a reality. 

“Both infrastructure vendors and network operators need to wake up and work closely with automotive manufacturers to make 5G a success for connected cars.” Gergs added.

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