Apple iPad Pro is due an imminent 5G upgrade, reports claim

Apple iPad Pro 5G.
(Image credit: Apple)

Latest reports from Taiwanese tech site Digitimes suggest that this year’s iPad Pro will support 5G connectivity, alongside Apple’s yet-to-be-announced iPhones. And the report also suggests that the new iPad will have some other exciting upgrades.

Digitimes claims that demand for the processor in the new iPad will be 50% higher than the current A13 chip. This means that the device will have to come equipped with a new processor chip to meet the demands of 5G. 

The new chips should provide much more versatile 5G support, covering all spectrum bands. The three different bands – low-band, Sub-6 and mmWave – all have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s important for Apple’s new iPad Pro to support a combination of all three, as this will give the best 5G performance. 

Time-of-Flight cameras 

The Digitimes report also mentions that Taiwanese company Win Semi, is making Time-of-Flight camera units for the 5G iPads and iPhones.

A Time-of-Flight camera is designed to grab in-depth information quickly, by measuring the time of a round-trip between an LED, or laser, and the subject. This produces images with a three-dimensional quality, which are becoming increasingly popular, especially on social media platforms. And so it’s not surprising that Apple is looking to include them on its latest devices. 

The reports suggest that we can expect new Apple devices towards the second half of 2020. However, some have suggested that an upgraded iPad Pro will come as soon as March 2020. 

Whilst no dates are certain, and no announcements have come from Apple as of yet, we can be sure that the newest iPhones and iPad will finally support 5G.

Fiona Leake

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