China expects a billion 5G connections by 2024

(Image credit: Image Credit: Fredex / Shutterstock)

The majority of Chinese consumers should have access to 5G within five years, according to new forecasts from the Chinese government.

Next year, two per cent of mobile users will have access to 5G, skyrocketing to 30 per cent in 2022, finally hitting 75 per cent in 2024. By that time, China expects to have more than a billion 5G-enabled mobile devise.

Money is also expected to follow the trend. Investment in the technology should go from $2.5 billion this year, to more than $33 billion in 2023. After that, investments in the technology will be on the decline.

The country’s three biggest telecom operators, China Mobile, China Unicorn and China Telecom, as well as the state-owned China Broadcasting Network, have recently gotten their 5G licenses.

More than 40 Chinese cities are expected to get 5G connectivity this year, with more to follow in the coming years. Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu will be the first five cities on the list, mostly because of their urban industry supporting, policy planning, investment scale, and number of enterprises and talents.

5G represents the latest advancement in mobile internet technology, which is expected to bring higher speed, more bandwidth and more connectivity. Aside from being able to download high-definition movies in seconds, 5G is expected to facilitate the growth of whole new industries, such as connected cars and smart cities.

Image Credit: Fredex / Shutterstock