Keysight and MediaTek hit 5G speeds of 6Gbps thanks to Carrier Aggregation

MediaTek latest M80 5G modem was used to reach the milestone. (Image credit: MediaTek)

Keysight Technologies has announced that it has collaborated with MediaTek to reach a 5G speed of 6Gbps, achieved by using Carrier Aggregation (CA) to combine three 5G component carriers, delivering 300 MHz bandwidth in the sub-6GHz spectrum. And as a result of this collaboration, mobile operators will be able to deploy advanced standalone (SA) 5G services more efficiently.

“It is possible to reach very high data rates in FR1.”

Mark Wallace, Keysight.

"This milestone is significant to mobile operators with substantial investments in frequency range 1 (FR1) that need to efficiently leverage spectrum allocations to deploy advanced 5G NR services requiring high data rates," said Mark Wallace, senior vice president of Keysight Global Sales. "Together with MediaTek, Keysight has demonstrated that it is possible to reach very high data rates in FR1, simply by leveraging the power of carrier aggregation in 5G NR standalone mode," Wallace continued. 

For the collaboration, MediaTek used its latest M80 5G modem and Keysight’s 5G Protocol R&D Toolset, based on the company's suite of 5G network emulation solutions, to exceed 6Gbps data throughput speeds in MediaTek's lab at Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. 


Keysight’s S8701A Protocol R&D Toolset (Image credit: Keysight)

5G NR in SA

Around the world, nearly 80 mobile operators are investing in 5G NR in SA mode to realise the full benefits of the new cellular standard. Indeed, more than 300 commercially launched devices support 5G NR in SA mode.

“New possibilities for mobile operators deploying 5G.”

JS Pan, MediaTek.

"Our work with Keysight to successfully test and showcase outstanding data rate performance using 3CC Carrier Aggregation in sub-6GHz spectrum will open up new possibilities for mobile operators deploying 5G," said JS Pan, General Manager of Wireless Communication System and Partnership at MediaTek. "This milestone is significant since many global cellular operators hold diverse spectrum among low and mid-bands, and the industry is actively transitioning to 5G SA networks to embrace new capabilities such as this," he continued. 

5G collaboration 

Keysight and MediaTek joined forces in 2018 to develop and test the latest in 5G technology. Achievements together to date include the validation of the industry's first 5G mmWave modem and the establishment of 5G connection based on 3GPP release 16 (Rel- 16) specifications. This milestone in 6Gbps data throughput performance with 3CC Sub-6GHz 5G connectivity is the latest success in this ongoing collaboration. 

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