Motorola announces new budget 5G phone: Moto G50

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola becomes the next phone manufacturer to add to the slew of newly released affordable 5G phones, with the Moto G50, which will cost from just £199 in the UK. The new phone looks set to turn a few heads as it’s as a solid offering for a slim price, with 5G connectivity, Snapdragon 480 chipset, 5000 mAh battery and 48MP camera.

48 MP camera system

For a budget 5G phone, Motorola has equipped the Moto G50 with a respectable camera system. The main camera has a 48 MP sensor, so a step down from the 64MP seen on the Moto G30, but still a strong offering that should provide clear photography in any light. The Moto G50 also benefits from Motorola’s ‘Quad Pixel technology, which the company says gives four times more light sensitivity.

The Moto G50 also boasts a dedicated macro lens which will let users get 2.5x closer to their subject than a normal lens allows – great for nature shots. Finally, the third camera on the affordable 5G phone is a depth sensor, which allows users to edit the intensity of shots after they’ve been taken – designed to turn mediocre people pictures into professional-looking portraits.


The Moto G50 has a dedicated macro lens which will let users get 2.5x closer (Image credit: Motorola)

5G entertainment

Moto G50 users will be able to benefit from next-generation 5G speed with minimal lag time thanks to a 90Hz refresh rate. The 6.5” Max Vision HD+ display maximizes viewing space and boasts a 20:9 aspect ratio, which is sure to appeal to movie fans and gamers alike.

Powerhouse processor

Motorola has equipped the Moto G50 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G Mobile Platform, which lets users enjoy games with graphics that render unbelievably fast, as well as the ability to share content in a snap.

The massive 5000 mAh battery on the Moto G50 will cope with ultra-fast 5G speed and Motorola say it will last for two days on a single charge. The Moto G50 offers either 64 GB or 128 GB of built-in storage..


Motorola’s new affordable 5G phone will come equipped with My UX. In a statement the phone manufacturer said: “Instead of duplicating the great things Google does with Android, we choose to build on it with a comprehensive suite of tools in the Moto app called My UX, which lets users take music, videos, games, and device themes to the next level with custom settings.”

As well as favourite shortcuts like turning on the flashlight with a simple chop gesture and launching the camera with the twist of a wrist, Motorola has added swipe to split, which allows you to split the screen into two and do more things at once. With the split screen and 5G speeds, users will be able to watch a video and chat with a friend at the same time, or work on multiple sheets or docs simultaneously.

The Moto G50 comes in steel grey and aqua green and will be available in the UK in the next few weeks.

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