New partnership hopes to improve Industry 4.0 safety using 5G

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Much has been made about potential 5G dangers over the last two years, but the reality is that 5G technology, far from costing lives, is going to improve our health and safety in ways we could only imagine a few years ago.

One such area is workplace safety, and Ericsson, Sigma Connectivity and Mobilaris have formed a unique IoT ecosystem partnership that is helping to advance the next generation safety for Industry 4.0. The newly created cellular IoT tracking device, worn by workers, makes complex industrial sites safety simple with advanced trigger and alert system is now available and certified for use in Europe, US, Canada and Australia.

“Our IoT business is about fostering an innovation ecosystem.”

Kyle Okamoto, Ericsson

“Our IoT business is about fostering an innovation ecosystem, bringing together partners and devices on our global platform to progress the industry. This work with Mobilaris demonstrates the power of collaboration to bring cellular IoT devices to the market that positively impact industries and people's safety. Enhancing industry and our daily lives through our technology and innovation are at the core of Ericsson's DNA,” said Kyle Okamoto, General Manager, Ericsson IoT. 

Cellular IoT design

The small device is worn by individual workers and is equipped with sensors, which can automatically react to dangerous gas emissions, humidity levels, barometric pressure and temperature. 

The partnership accelerates cellular IoT design and products to market that help save lives. To address and improve work safety at industrial sites such as mining and production floors, the combination of 5G technology and cellular IoT technology brings industries closer to a zero vision of workforce-related accidents.

Ericsson's latest cellular IoT design has been applied in the Mobilaris' 5G-ready device, which offers proximity triggers and collision alerts using sensors, monitoring and real-time positioning of people, vehicles and moving assets. It’s widely known that industrial sites can be dangerous work environments and with this development Industry 4.0 users can benefit from making complex work safety simple.


“Developing a disruptive workforce safety offer that enables the zero-accident vision.”

Andreas Ericsson, Mobilaris

“We are excited to bring IoT industrial workforce safety to the market and utilize opportunities with Industry 4.0. It is an honour to collaborate with professional partners such as Ericsson and Sigma Connectivity. Together, we are developing a disruptive workforce safety offer that enables the zero-accident vision,“ said Andreas Ericsson, CEO of Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

Deployed in Sweden

Ericsson provides IoT Accelerator, an industry-leading IoT platform, enabling cost-efficient, reliable and secure connectivity management and operations for enterprise of any scale, as well as Ardesco, Ericsson's cellular IoT device reference design.

With the help of the design house Sigma Connectivity, Mobilaris has accelerated its time to market and industrialized its device based on Ardesco. Powered by Ericsson IoT Accelerator, the solution has already been deployed at industrial sites in Sweden. This deployment was part of a 5G partnership program with Nordic-Baltic communications service provider, Telia, to verify 5G and IoT solutions across its public and private networks.

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