Nokia enters 5G cloud partnerships with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft

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Nokia has announced partnerships with three cloud service providers: Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. Together with Google Cloud and AWS, Nokia will develop new, cloud-based 5G-radio solutions, supporting the development of new focused 5G solutions for consumers and businesses worldwide. The third new partnership, will see Nokia integrate its Cloud RAN technology with Microsoft Azure to drive end-user 5G deployments. 

Nokia & Google Cloud: 5G radio solutions

Nokia’s partnership with Google Cloud will see the two companies develop new, cloud-based 5G radio solutions. The solutions will combine Nokia’s Radio Access Network (RAN), Open RAN, Cloud RAN (vRAN) and edge cloud technologies, with Google’s edge computing platform and applications ecosystem. The development of solutions and use cases will solve key 5G scenarios for businesses worldwide.

Building on recent partnership announced in February, this new collaboration between Nokia and Google Cloud will deliver additional 5G monetisation opportunities for CSPs. Global CSPs can unlock new monetisation opportunities by driving 5G connectivity and advanced services to enterprise customers at the network edge, to deliver new, digital experiences for consumers. 

By leveraging its Open RAN and Cloud RAN leadership and combining it with best-in-class public cloud infrastructure from Google Cloud, Nokia is expanding its ecosystem of partners and helping CSPs lower deployment and operational costs, which is essential for monetising 5G deployments.

“New solutions that help CSPs enable business transformation at the network edge.”

Bikash Koley, Google Cloud.

“This partnership with Nokia will combine both of our decades of mobile communications expertise to deliver new solutions that help CSPs enable business transformation at the network edge,” said Bikash Koley, VP, Google Global Network and Head of Technology for Telecom Products at Google Cloud.

Nokia & AWS: cloud-based 5G radio solutions

Nokia has reached an agreement with Amazon Web Services to research and enable Cloud RAN and Open RAN technologies to support the development of new customer-focused 5G solutions.

The collaboration aims to develop innovative proof of concepts to explore, enable and extend Cloud RAN and related technologies, in support of 5G deployments and the development of new use cases.

This new partnership will enable communications service providers and enterprises with 5G connectivity to utilise AWS across the topology of the mobile network. In turn, operators will be able to simplify the network virtualisation and platform layers for the Core and RAN network functions by leveraging the agility and scalability of cloud. This will also enable enterprises to achieve their desired business outcomes for new 5G use cases.

“Support our customers and help them to build compelling 5G use cases.”

Tommi Uitto, Nokia.

“This is a critically important collaboration and the continuation of Nokia’s Cloud RAN leadership. At Nokia we are committed to supporting our customers and giving them the flexibility and elasticity they need on the network edge. We are building an ecosystem of public cloud partners that will ultimately support our customers and help them to build compelling 5G use cases,” said Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia.

Nokia & Microsoft: cloud solutions for enterprise

Nokia’s newly announced agreement with Microsoft will see the two companies develop new market-ready 4G and 5G private wireless use cases designed for enterprises. The collaboration will combine Nokia’s Cloud RAN technologies with Microsoft Azure cloud-based services and developer ecosystem to drive end-user functionality, via new business cases.

The project will see Nokia combine its mobile network solutions including Cloud RAN, Open RAN, Radio Access Controller and multi-access edge cloud with the Azure Private Edge Zone. Azure Private Edge Zone enables data processing close to the end user, addressing ultra-low latency, high throughout 5G-based applications such as real-time robotics, mixed reality or immersive gaming. The initiative aims to achieve a better performance and end user experiences for third party app developers via the Azure ecosystem, when exposed to the network.

“5G updates to drive new revenue streams, reduce cost and future proof their network investment.”

Yousef Khalidi, Microsoft.

“Microsoft believes in the importance of an open and interoperable ecosystem of solutions on the Azure carrier grade platform. Our collaboration with Nokia across multiple potential use cases, based on specific customer demand, will provide operators with choices on how the best adopt cloud technology in concert with their 5G updates to drive new revenue streams, reduce cost and future proof their network investment,” said Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President, Azure for Operators at Microsoft.

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