Nokia upgrades Guadalajara 5G Lab in Mexico to test new use cases

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Nokia has announced that it has upgraded its 5G testing lab located in Guadalajara, Mexico, to support testing across new uses cases. The facility will enable the testing of new 5G products, as well as supporting growing sales and supply chain operations in the region.

“The lab is located at a unique geographical position to provide services to both Latin America and North America.”

Raúl Romero, Nokia.

“Following excellent results in its four years of operation, we chose to increase our investment in Guadalajara. The lab is located at a unique geographical position to provide services to both Latin America and North America. Additionally, our 5G deployments coming soon in Mexico and Latin America region will be fully supported by our own regional operations and supported as well by the free trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada (USMCA),” said Raúl Romero, Head of Nokia LAT North Region and Country Senior Officer for Mexico. 

5G network testing 

Nokia’s Guadalajara Lab began operations in 2017 and develops and executes a wide range of tests for Nokia hardware solutions, such as radio frequency testing for 3G, 4G and 5G networks. It also includes additional testing for product change notification, chamber thermal testing, mechanical analysis, mechanical first article inspection, mechanical testing, digital data analysis and power supply analysis and realistic performance monitoring. 

Mexico is a signatory of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), a free trade agreement that eases the flow of goods and services between the three countries. The lab, which is located to support both Latin America and North America, has received significant investment over the past five years, the lab works closely with Nokia’s design facilities in Dallas, Texas and Naperville, Illinois, USA.

“Guadalajara’s position as Mexico’s Silicon Valley.”

Pedro Rayas, Nokia.

“Our lab executes performance tests that assure that our products meet a wide range of national and international standards. Those operations require highly trained professionals and Guadalajara’s position as Mexico’s Silicon Valley assures that we will have access to the specialised technology and telecom professionals required to staff the lab. We are very happy to increase our investment in Mexico, to show our commitment to our customers, provide excellent job opportunities and training for our team, while expanding the nation’s 5G influence,” said Pedro Rayas, Portfolio Maintenance and Supply Chain Manager for Mexico at Nokia. 

Nokia has a substantial and increasing investment and footprint in Latin America and currently has more than 3,700 employees working in 14 countries.

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