Oppo and Thales partner for world’s first 5G SA-Compatible eSIM

(Image credit: Oppo / Thales)

Oppo has announced the world’s first 5G SA-Compatible eSIM, which the company has developed in collaboration with eSIM connectivity management company, Thales. The 5G Standalone (SA) Compatible eSIM features in Oppo’s newly launched flagship 5G smartphone, the Oppo Find X3 Pro. The collaboration showcases the success of implementing a 5G SA on an eSIM-compatible device for the first time.

“The addition of the 5G SA-Compatible eSIM brings more possibilities for Find X3 Pro users worldwide.”

Xia Yang, Oppo.

"As a leading global technology company, Oppo has been driving the development of 5G technology since the very beginning. We see eSIM as an exciting prospect to pursue our commitment to providing innovative 5G experiences for users,” said Xia Yang, Senior Director of Carrier Product at Oppo. “Through our collaboration with Thales, we have made the Find X3 Pro one of the first devices in the world to be equipped with the 5G SA-Compatible eSIM. As 5G SA networks are being adopted around the world, the addition of the 5G SA-Compatible eSIM brings more possibilities for Find X3 Pro users worldwide," Yang continued.

Digital transformation

eSIMs, also known as embedded SIMs, are directly built into 5G phones, unlike traditional SIM cards that need to be physically inserted. This allows users to enjoy a smooth digital smartphone experience when selecting connectivity plans from mobile operators. For mobile operators, the Thales eSIM will help with digital transformation – in addition to smartphones and wearables, eSIMs are widely being adopted in connected vehicles and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

5G network interoperability

Thales, who has more than 200 eSIM management platforms, are Oppo's key eSIM solutions partner and their eSIM solutions have already been seen in the Oppo Watch, which has built-in cellular connectivity. To integrate Thales’ innovative eSIM solution into the Find X3 Pro, the partners have worked together in eSIM server validation, device debugging, verification, and function development. They have also worked with mobile operators to conduct 5G networks interoperability testing, in order to check that users can enjoy two simultaneous active lines using a removable SIM and an eSIM with their Find X3 Pro.

“Further unlock the benefits of 5G to both operators and consumers.”

Jérôme Bendell, Thales.

"We are honoured to continue our partnership with Oppo to validate and commercialise the first 5G SA-Compatible eSIM on the Oppo Find X3 Pro,” said Jérôme Bendell, Vice President of Thales North Asia and CEO of Thales in China. “This is an important milestone in the development of eSIM technology. We believe that with the evolvement and widespread use of eSIM technology, it will further unlock the benefits of 5G to both operators and consumers. In particular, the 5G SA eSIM maximises trust and resilience with mobile operators who have deployed 5G core networks, and for their customers,” continued Bendell.

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