Telecoms software providers launch eSIM-as-a-service for 5G devices and beyond

(Image credit: Mobilise.)

One of the technologies that could help mobile network operators (MNOs) deliver 5G services and products in the most efficient and user-friendly way is eSIMs, which eliminates the need for a physical SIM card.

And Mobilise, a telecoms service provider, alongside its product partner Oasis, an eSIM technology company, have  launched eSIM-as-a-service for communications service providers (CSPs), which it says will offer consumer eSIM capabilities, delivering one-tap installation, whilst offering both financial and environmental benefits. 

“Telecoms customer expectations are changing – users, more than ever, are looking for a simple, intuitive experience that allows them to manage their subscriptions entirely through digital channels,” explained Hamish White, CEO of Mobilise. “Mobilise’s eSIM-as-a-service, coupled with Oasis Smart SIM’s eSIM infrastructure, provides service providers (SPs) with tools they need to meet these customer expectations.”

Removing the physical SIM card

eSIMs, whilst removing the new for a physical SIM card, will not only deliver environmental and financial benefits, but will also – thanks to a tiny footprint, and the fact they are embedded – will also be an integral ingredient in the explosion in IoT devices that will enable new 5G use cases (for devices such as handsets, sensors, drones, gaming devices, and more).

“With eSIM as a service, our mission is to enable digital transformation quickly and simply."

Olivier Leroux, Oasis Smart SIM.

“Today, mobile users reward digital convenience, so service providers need to be on top of the operational complexity of delivering highly engaging and fully digital customer experiences,” said Olivier Leroux, CEO at Oasis Smart SIM. “With eSIM as a service, our mission is to enable digital transformation quickly and simply, by pairing our eSIM technologies with Mobilise’s digital know-how.”

The GSMA estimates that eSIMs will be embedded in between two and three billion smartphones by 2025, and beyond the above benefits, service providers will also be able to manage inventory and communicate securely with their customers via the eSIM-as-a-service product.

Dan Oliver

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