Verizon in talks to turn US Walmart stores into 5G healthcare hubs

(Image credit: Walmart)

Walmart and Verizon are in talks to install a 5G service in stores. The idea is that the super-fast speeds and low-latency of 5G will help Walmart to launch its digital health services. But the store has only just started exploring these initiatives through video chats with doctors and real-time medical data.

The service – should it go ahead –  will also share medical data with the clinic. This means that customers can arrive at the Walmart store, and ask staff to restock any products they may need during their next visit. 

A mutual benefit 

Whilst Verizon and Walmart are only in initial discussions, it’s mutually beneficial for both parties to have 5G in stores. For Walmart, turning stores into medical hubs will be vital for communities in the US, where dedicated clinics are rare. And as a result, people are likely to visit Walmart more for both prescriptions and shopping.

On the other hand, Verizon is eager to introduce real-world 5G use cases, which it can use to help sell its services to consumers and partners. Therefore, this goal to transform Walmarts into 5G medical hubs could be huge for Verizon. Essentially, this partnership will supply Verizon with invaluable validation of its 5G network.

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