Compal Electronics deploys Enea’s 5G MicroCore for private 5G network

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Enea has announced that Compal Electronics, one of the world’s largest original design manufacturers has deployed the Enea 5G MicroCore to manage data on its private wireless network and enhance its smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 capabilities. Based in Taiwan, Compal is leveraging Enea’s 5G MicroCore across a range of smart technologies including agritech, digital healthcare, robotics, and immersive gaming to utilise 5G technology.

Sophisticated 5G Core

Enea designed the 5G Microcore based on its deep telco expertise and as a result, enterprises and telecom operators can now benefit from the best of both worlds with Enea’s 5G MicroCore. The sophisticated 5G Core with proven telco-grade robustness that delivers agility for scale, speed, and secure private network provisioning.

Enea’s solution is based on 3GPP telco standards to provide assurance for enterprises and operators, so that they can mix and match solutions from different vendors for complete interoperability and have unfettered, secure access to data over private wireless networks. Along with adherence to telco standards, security was another key consideration for Compal Electronics.

“Stay clear of vendor lock-ins!”

JS Liang, Compal Electronics.

“Enea is a virtualisation trailblazer. We have deployed Enea’s 5G Core as part of a best-of-breed strategy to benefit from interoperable data management, simplified operations and truly elastic scalability”, said Vice President JS Liang at Compal Electronics. “Thanks to 3GPP standards, we have the freedom to select innovative companies like Enea and stay clear of vendor lock-ins!"

Fully virtualised 5G MicroCore

The ODM needed to securely authenticate and provision various devices, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headsets over 5G radio and small cells. The fully virtualized 5G MicroCore provides secure authentication thanks to the integrated data management capabilities that include a Unified Data Manager, Authentication Server Function and User Data Repository.

“Our 5G MicroCore solves another critical issue.”

Jonas Jacobsson, Enea.

“Our 5G MicroCore solves another critical issue”, said Jonas Jacobsson, Senior Vice President Head of Service Provider Sales, Enea. “Our virtualised technology is cutting total cost of ownership by up to 50%, while boosting sustainability for enterprises and operators. The 5G MicroCore solution makes a tangible difference, reducing the number of servers – cutting the carbon footprint – with no trade-offs in performance,” Jonas continued. 

Enea’s innovative solution stores and manages data across all 5G core and edge functions for seamless 4G/5G interworking. With zero-touch operations and self-management features, the 5G MicroCore is easy to configure for fast deployment, even on multiple clouds to accelerate time to market. The solution works across private, public and hybrid clouds.

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