mmWave 5G will drive Industry 4.0, report says

(Image credit: IDTechEx)

 A new report from  IDTechEx, titled  ‘5G Technology, Market and Forecasts 2020-2030’, has been released to provide different industry sectors with a view of the 5G technologies and vertical applications available to them, which will help them get a competitive advantage.

According to this latest 5G research, “5G for smart manufacturing is considered as one of the key applications assisted with AI and intelligent cameras, such as autonomous mobile robot and remote real-time manufacturing”. 

And the report highlights the opportunity for the medical sector, in areas such as telehealth, which, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, are now more pressing than ever.

Industry profiles

"Power amplifiers with higher power density and higher gain will be essential, as well as thermal management."

IDTechEx report.

The report includes comprehensive company profiles for more than 20 key global players, from infrastructure suppliers to telecommunication operators, and also provides a ten-year forecast for the 5G revenue. And the report highlight the availability and roll-out of mmWave 5G as the primary factor in the development of commercial 5G use cases.

“Many characteristic benefits promised by 5G will operate at high frequency mmWave 5G,” the report says. “Such high frequency requires new materials and different device design. On one hand, high frequency leads to more significant transmission loss, which offers opportunities for low-loss materials with small dielectric constant and small tangent loss.

"On the other hand, high frequency needs high power to drive and will generate more heat. Power amplifiers with higher power density and higher gain will be essential, as well as thermal management."

The report breaks down the requirements for 5G to succeed, and highlights the following four trends, saying that they are critical for the continued development of 5G technology.

The report is currently available to purchase, but there are a number of insights, graphs, and timelines available for free, via the report homepage.  

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