New Apple 5G iPhone will cost more than 1,000 bucks

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Apple is planning on launching its 5G-enabled iPhone in 2020. The smartphone is expected to be faster than ever, but the components required to meet these demands are more expensive. 

And whilst no one expected a 5G iPhone to be cheap, a leading analyst has predicted that the 5G iPhone will be the most expensive iPhone ever produced by Apple.

Pricey components 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a history of foreseeing facts about upcoming iPhones. And via AppleInsider, the analyst has predicted that the main motherboard on the 5G iPhone will have to be larger, and therefore more expensive. In fact, certain components could even by 60% more expensive, according to Kuo.

This will result in the cost of a 5G iPhone chipset increasing by 35%, whilst this may not translate into retail price, it is very likely that it will. 

The expensive components don’t stop there either. Kuo also predicts that device’s metal frame will cost up to 60% more to construct. On top of this, the glass case will be up to 50% more expensive.

So, how much will it cost? 

Kuo predicts that almost every component needed to create the 5G iPhone will cost considerably more than in the iPhone 11. So, what does this mean for consumers, and how much damage will it do to wallets? 

The iPhone 11 currently costs £729 ($699), and based on Kuo’s estimates the 5G iPhone could cost £1,100 ($1,200), pricing in all the additional production costs being passed on to consumers. 

Whilst this price increase is expected by some, others won't have seen it coming, as Apple was rumoured to want to keep prices down for its 5G device. 

Despite this, Kuo still predicts that Apple will see huge success with these new 5G iPhones. As it will help to improve supplier revenue and profitability, and could help increase shipments to 85 million units in 2020.

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