Samsung kicks off 6G research

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5G networks might still only be available in a few countries, but Samsung is already working on 6G.

Samsung is a minor, but growing, player in telecoms equipment and hopes demand for 5G kit will see its share of the market rise even further. By the time 6G arrives, it could be an even major competitor to the likes of Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia.

To support these efforts, the company has expanded its telecommunication research team and formed a new group called the Advanced Communications Research Center in the Korean capital of Seoul.

Samsung 6G

“The current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network,” a Samsung spokesperson told The Korea Herald.

What will eventually constitute 6G has still yet to be debated, never mind realised. In Northern Finland, the €251 million 6Genesis project will research the wireless communications technologies that will eventually comprise 5G.

Leaders of the project told TechRadar Pro earlier this year that 6G would fulfil the capacity and latency promise of 5G by delivering the architectural shifts required and through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is also thought that 6G will deliver speeds of up to 1Tbps.

South Korea launched the world’s first commercial 5G mobile network earlier this year, while AT&T and Verizon have switched on 5G services in the US. EE turned on the UK’s first 5G network last week, with coverage available in the busiest parts of six major cities in the UK.

Via: Korea Herald

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