Unveiled: 5G Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20
(Image credit: Samsung)

In a Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco, which was also streamed live online, Samsung today unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S20, a new series of flagship 5G phones, built for 5G. The S20 features brand-new camera architecture that combines AI with the South Korean manufacturer’s largest image sensor yet, for truly stunning image quality. Samsung showed off the S20's impressive camera by live streaming the launch to YouTube from the phone itself.

5G Capabilities

The Galaxy S20 series comprises of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra. All three devices are capable of delivering non-standalone and standalone 5G capabilities. The models will go sale in the UK next month (March 6 in the US and March 13 in the UK), costing between £89 9 and £1,399.

Top to bottom: Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra

Top to bottom: Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Samsung)

"It is the year of Galaxy 5G!"

TM Roh, Samsung

Samsung's President of Mobile Communications TM Roh, proclaims: "It is the year of Galaxy 5G!" He also enthuses that: "Now Samsung is making 5G available to more people than anyone thought possible!"

Indeed, the benefits of the Galaxy S20 series being built for 5G include deeply integrating the 5G phone’s software with the Netflix streaming service and Microsoft’s Xbox gaming service – allowing users to stream directly to their phones.

8K Video

The S20 features a deep integration with Google Duo (compatible across operating systems) and offers Duo features not seen in any other 5G phones to date, enhancing the video chatting experience. From the dialer, you can tap Duo to start a video call and enjoy Full High Definition quality

The Galaxy S20, impressively, shoots 8K videos and the Samsung’s YouTube partnership, along with 5G, enables users to upload directly to YouTube and thanks to the integrated 5G capabilities, experience ultra-fast upload speeds.

Pro-grade Camera

As well as 5G, much of the unveiling was centered on the S20’s pro-grade camera, as Samsung’s research showed the single-most important feature for consumers purchasing a new smartphone was the camera.

 Galaxy S20 introduces a new camera system, powered by AI. The S20 and S20+ feature a 64MP camera and the S20 Ultra taking photography even further with a 108MP camera. This will allow users to enjoy more detailed images (significantly increased flexibility for editing, cropping, and zooming) as well as great low light image quality.

 The Galaxy S20’s Space Zoom technology allows up to 30X zoom on the Galaxy S20 and S20+ and thanks to the revolutionary folded lenses on the S20 Ultra, which uses AI powered multi-image processing, up to 100X zoom.

Single Take mode captures a number of photos and videos in a single take and lets you decide which you like the best afterwards.


Gamers will approve of the S20’s smooth120Hz display and in spring Samsung partner, Microsoft, will launch its popular Forza Street in the Galaxy Store – the first time the game is coming to mobile.

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