Vodafone says its 5G can boost UK businesses

Vodafone 5G
(Image credit: Mike Moore) (Image credit: Future/Mike Moore)

Vodafone has switched on its UK 5G network with the promise to offer businesses “unlimited data”.

The operator has revealed how it plans to roll-out its 5G networks across the UK alongside a range of new offerings for customers and businesses alike.

Switched on by F1 champion Lewis Hamilton at an event in London’s Sky Garden today, the Vodafone 5G network will initially be active in seven UK cities (Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester), with a further 19 cities getting connected by the end of the year.


Vodafone aims to differentiate its next-gen networks in several ways, particularly in price, pledging to offer customers 5G at 4G prices, and also by providing 5G roaming in four EU countries by the end of the month.

It’s new “Be Unlimited” campaign to support the launch will see Vodafone revamp its entire end-to-end customer experience, with all 400+ UK Vodafone stores getting a facelift.

For business customers, Vodafone is launching a range of new plans, including SME-specific tariffs and tailored offers for multinational companies. Big businesses will also benefit from a number of specialised services such as speedy insurance and 24-hour device and business support.

Vodafone’s new 5G business plans will start from just £19 a month, with its top-of-the-range Business Unlimited Max plan providing unlimited data usage for £25 a month plus VAT.

The new plans are:

- Business Unlimited Lite - targeted at small businesses wanting reliable email and internet browsing - costing from £19.16/month excl. VAT.

- Business Unlimited - for professional services such as an estate agent or marketing consultant wishing to use Google maps to get around or upload and download larger files, images and video - from £21.66/month excl. VAT.

- Business Unlimited Max - providing unlimited data on 5G, as well as roaming - from £25.00/month excl. VAT.

“5G is absolutely game-changing for UK businesses, and we're going to do everything we can top help them get their hands on it,” Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK, said at the launch.

"Business is just taking its first step with this technology...5G has inspired us to rip up the rule book, we're ready to help UK businesses be ready for a 5G future.”

“This isn’t business as usual., it’s business unlimited.”