Watch it live: Trump and Finnish President meeting to talk 5G and Huawei

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At 7PM (GMT) on October 2nd,  Donald Trump and Finnish President, Sauli Niinisto, are meeting to discuss ways to improve 5G alternatives to Chinese telecoms equipment firms like Huawei.  And you can watch the press conference live below.

Watch the press conference

 5G tech that is "at least" on par with Huawei

The countries are actively looking for alternatives to Huawei after banning the use of its 5G network due to security concerns, said a White House official. The official said that “Finland is home to Nokia which has quickly developed 5G technology that is at least on par with that of Huawei and ZTE, and presents one of the viable alternatives to those countries that cherish privacy of their citizens’ data, the integrity of their networks, the security of their critical infrastructure”.

It would be fantastic news for Nokia, if both America and Finland were to use the company as the primary 5G provider. 

The senior administration official went on to voice more serious allegations about Huawei and ZTE being involved in “the modern day concentration camps of over 3 million Muslims”. This was in reference to China’s horrific detention of mostly Muslim Uighur minorities.

 Banning Huawei  

America has openly led a worldwide campaign in an attempt to convince other countries to ban Huawei from their 5G networks. On top of this, Washington has placed Huawei on a blacklist to prevent American countries from selling items to the phone maker. 

The decision on who will be the main 5G provider for America and Finland will be a very important one. Whilst Huawei is struggling, many other mobile companies, especially Nokia, are reaping the huge benefits of taking Huawei’s place. 

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