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Top 25 5G influencers on Twitter

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Twitter is the go-to platform for business people and prosumers looking for informed opinion, news or comment on technology. Much of this focuses on 5G or related innovations, and recent rollouts of 5G networks in the UK and US have sparked considerable debate on the next-generation network. The following 25 influencers work in fields as diverse as education, government, media and advertising; but all share useful information and opinion on the next generation network. Prepare to be informed and entertained.  

1. John Legere (6.6m followers)

Joined May 2013

T-Mobile’s outgoing CEO John Legere is outspoken and eccentric, and he uses social media to connect with customers and employees from whom he gleans market intelligence which feeds through to company strategy. He regularly disparages his competitors (including their 5G plans) on Twitter. And he has 6.5m followers, demonstrating that these spats are of interest to the wider public as well as tech enthusiasts. 

2.  Glen Gilmore (301k followers)

Joined November 2008

Glen Gilmore provides digital marketing strategy and training to the Fortune 500.  He has collaborated with some of the biggest tech companies and organisations in the world including Amazon, Huawei, Verizon, IBM and Nato. He also advises on trends, digital marketing and transformation best practices, as well as online community building, influencer relations, online reputation management, compliance, and governance.

3.   Dr. Sarah-Jayne Gratton (177k followers)

Joined October 2008

As a producer, author, and a former theatre performer, UK-based Dr. Sarah-Jayne Gratton is not your typical 5G influencer, however this social media strategist puts her communications skills to good use as a member of the Siemens influencer community and is a key opinion leader for Huawei. She speak and writes regularly on 5G and related technologies.

4.  Diana Adams (150k followers)

Joined March 2009

Atlanta-based Diana Adams works as a technology journalist, an Ericsson influencer and is the co-founder of Adams Consultancy Group. Her self-declared passions are digital transformation with a focus on IoT, AI, mobility and big data. She teaches in tech and is outspoken on the ethical benefits of widespread 5G rollout. 

5.  Mike Quindazzi  (141k followers)

Joined February 2014

Mike Quindazzi is managing director and US digital alliances leader for PwC. He is a regular keynote speaker on the trends shaping the future for business and society, including fintech, AR, AI, robotics and digital transformation. Quindazzi currently serves on the executive committee at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, leading a number of important economic development initiatives. 

6.  Michael Fisher (133k followers)

 Joined September 2011

Michael Fisher is respected for his mobile technology reviews, perhaps best known for the YouTube videos he made as reviews editor for Pocketnow. Any mobile tech reviewer worth their salt will be well briefed on the pros and cons of 5G, and he is no exception.  Fisher is now operating as MrMobile, an independent reviewer, and has extended his remit to gadgets and smartwatches as well as phones.

7.  Dr. Sally Eaves (97k followers)

 Joined April 2015

Sally Eaves is CTO for Intrepreneur International and a member of the Forbes Technology Council. She is a thought leader on innovation and digital transformation, with a specific interest in types of technology enhanced by 5G – including AI, machine learning and robotics. 

8.  Antonio Grasso (91k followers)

Joined December 2015

Founder and CEO of Italian start up Digital Business Innovation, Antoinio Grasso has been working in IT for more than 35 years. Perhaps best known for his ethical vision and interest in how digital transformation can help developing countries, he uses Twitter and other social media platforms to spread content on new, emerging technologies and how they can be used to transform the world for the greater good.

9.  Kevin L. Jackson (67k followers)

Joined December 2008

Jackson is the CEO and founder of the GovCloud Network, a consultancy formed to assist agencies and businesses make best use of cloud computing. He writes regularly on 5G and its impact on healthcare, retail and financial services.

10.  Ajit Pai (67k followers)

Joined May 2012

Ajit Pai is a lawyer and chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Before being appointed to the FCC, Pai had a career spanning government and telecoms, where he held positions with the Department of Justice, the US Senate, and Verizon Communications. 

11. Graham Cluley (92k followers)

Joined January 2008

If you think the world of cyber security is a dull place, then you've never met Graham Cluley (or seen his Twitter feed). Cluley has been working in cyber security for almost 30 years, and is an award-winning speaker, writer, and podcaster. And as edge computing and 5G open a whole new world of vulnerabilities, you can be sure that Cluley will have an insightful take on the issues at hand.

12. Kathrin Buvac (2.5k followers)

Joined January 2012

Kathrin Buvac is president of Nokia Enterprise, and is a prominent ambassador for Women in Tech. Buvac leads a team that provides enterprise networks, industrial automation and digital solutions to customers in a number of sectors. And as industrial 5G begins to gain traction, Buvac will provide a unique view from the world of the enterprise.

13. Michael Dell (665k followers)

Joined July 2009

Not many people have done more to push a company forward than Michael Dell. Whilst at Austin's University of Texas in 1984, Dell launched a computer company that would go on to become one of the world's best-known brands. As well as spear-heading Dell's growth, he also played a huge hand in transforming Austin into one of America's most tech-savvy cities. And having moved beyond selling PCs, into developing enterprise-level servers and other equipment, Dell now has a serious focus on edge-computing, and an interest in how data can be manipulated in the cloud, via technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6.

14. Dalith Steiger (105k followers)

Joined October 2011

Dalith Steiger is one of the co-founders and a managing partner of SwissCognitive, the Global AI Hub, which was founded in 2016. It is one of the world’s leaders in providing solutions relating to AI. And since its inception, SwissCognitive has connected to over 150 companies spanning 30 different industries that represent over two million employees. Steiger has a keen interest in how AI and 5G will complement one another, and open up new opportunities over the next decade. 

15. Cristiano Amon (31k followers)

Joined January 2011

If you're looking for a company with a lot of skin in the 5G game, look no further than Qualcomm. Qualcomm Technologies developed the first 5G NR modem, the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G, and continues to develop 5G chips for mobile devices. Cristiano Amon is Qualcomm's president, and is an outspoken advocate of 5G and its capabilities.

16. Tommi Uitto (1,219 followers)

Joined July 2009.

Tommi Uitto is currently President, Mobile Networks, and a member of  the Group Leadership Team at Nokia. Unless you're fluent in Finnish, you'll have to hit the translate button on most of Tommi's tweets, but as Nokia's head of mobile networks, he's perfectly placed to deliver ongoing insight across the 5G landscape.

17. Marc Allera (11.1k followers)

Joined August 2016.

Marc Allera is currently CEO of BT’s Consumer division: BT, EE and Plusnet. And since joining the Twitter platform in 2016 Allera has built up a considerable audience, thanks to the regular updates and insight he shares via his account. Having spent a decade working at Three UK, Marc joined BT in 2011.

18. Mats Granryd (38.1k followers)

Joined November 2015.

Mats Granryd is Director General at the GSMA, the global industry organisation that represents the interests of mobile network operators (with a membership of more than 750 mobile operators). In this role, he leads the GSMA in supporting its global membership through a range of industry programmes, advocacy initiatives and industry-convening events. Granyrd's Twitter feed is a fantastic place to get a snapshot of what's going on in the mobile industry, thanks to his extensive list of connections, and he also shares his own views from time to time.

19. Michael Sievert (64.6k followers)

With John Legere stepping down from the top spot at T-Mobile, Michael Sievert  is now the president and CEO of T-Mobile US, and a member of the company's board of directors. In November 2019, T-Mobile announced that Sievert, then-COO, would step up to the CEO position in May of this year. However, as the T-Mobile Sprint merger was finalized, the company took the opportunity to promote Sievert a month early.

Following on from Legere will be no small feat, especially when it comes to social media, but – juding from previous posts – Sievert's approach is likely to be similar, and you can expect some ruffled feathers along the way.

20. Caroline Chan (1,884 followers)

Joined January 2018.

Caroline Chan is General Manager of the 5G Infrastructure Division, Network Platform Group, Intel. Thanks to her role at Intel, Chan is immersed in the world of 5G, and regularly attends industry events related to 5G technology, sharing her insights with her followers. You may also get some Texas Longhorns tweets thrown in for good measure.

21. Peter Linder (4.3k followers)

Joined February 2012

Peter Linder is one of the original evangelists for Ericsson’s Networked Society. During the first 5 years of the program he has contributed more than 150 blogs, as well as compiling  major industry trends (published every two years). Since joining the Networked Society initiative Peter’s role has been to help articulate and predict important shifts for Society, Industries, Users, Devices, Video, Networks and Business models. 

22. Camille Mendler (4.6k followers)

Joined August 2008

Over the last 25 years Camille has worked with network operators, governments, technology vendors, investment houses and enterprises to help empower them through technology. Now working as chief analyst at Omdia, she is focused on the democratization of spectrum, and the emergence of private networks as they reshape enterprise empowerment. 

23. Michael Fisher (87.7k followers)

Joined March 2017

Michael Fisher is a senior systems analyst at Whitcraft Group, an aerospace manufacturing company, where he specializes in network security, infrastructure architecture, VMWare vSphere, Cisco iOS/ASA, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix. Other areas of expertise include technologies such as cyber security, IoT, 5G, VR, and fintech. 

24. Kishen Mangat (20.1k followers)

Joined February 2009

Kishen Mangat currently works at Cisco, where he is the vice president and general manager of Service Provider Mobility and Automation, which is focused on 5G. According to his Twitter profile, he is a ‘serial entrepreneur’, and in the past he was co-founder of HotelNet, a cloud services platform for hotel guests; and he also co-founded BroadHop in 2003, which handled network policy management for wireless networks, and was purchased by Cisco in 2015. Kishen shares regular posts on the development of 5G, especially at the enterprise level. 

25. Helen Duncan (2.8k followers)

Joined January 2009

Helen Duncan runs MWE Media, which provides media services to the electronics and wireless communications industries. Following an early career in microwave electronics R&D, Helen has a breadth of experience as a marketing manager for global OEMs, as a market analyst, as an account director for a leading tech PR agency, as a technical conference organiser, and as editor of technical publications including Microwave Engineering Europe and the EPN RF&Wireless Blog. 

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