New Channel 4 TV series showcases the future of 5G

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Vodafone and Channel 4 have worked together to produce a three-part, prime-time series that brings to life the infinite possibilities of 5G. Called 'The Rough Guide to the Future', the series is presented by tech evangelist Kevin McCloud and looks set to get the public excited about 5G and its role in making new technology a reality. The first episode will air tonight at 9pm – it’s the first advertiser-funded programme from Vodafone to air on terrestrial television. 

Robotic butlers, lab-grown meat & driverless cars

The TV series investigates the effect 5G-powered technology and looks set to do so with plenty of laughs. Across three one-hour episodes, Kevin McCloud will challenge a group of cynical celebrities to discover how 5G is driving the latest in technical innovation. Celebrities who will encounter 5G technology including robotic butlers, lab-grown meat and driverless cars are comedians Jon Richardson and Phil Wang and presenter Alice Levine.

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“I hope it will inspire the nation as to the potential of 5G.”

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK said: “We want the public to know that our investment in 5G, which sees us offer it in more places than any other network and at no extra cost, is about so much more than lightning-fast download speeds.  It is about connecting us for a better future. This new series brings to life the huge possibilities that 5G can unlock in areas as diverse as robotics, sustainability, and communication. I hope it will inspire the nation as to the potential of 5G.” 

Changing public 5G perception

Although 5G technology offers seismic potential for businesses and the public, completely revolutionising the way we live, much of the general public still currently perceive its key benefit as simply much faster download speeds. The Rough Guide to the Future series looks set to change this.

Vodafone 5G is leading the roll-out of 5G across Europe and is the only network operator with 5G roaming in 108 place across Europe including 40 locations in the UK and 68 across Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland.  

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