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Mobile network operators (MNOs) making the jump to 5G in the most secure way is becoming increasingly important, as they consider Non-Standalone 5G architecture, built on an existing core network, as a cost-effective way to make initial steps towards a standalone service.

Mobile operators and telecom equipment vendors are now looking at how to change their network architecture and migrate to 5G, and to address this issue, Positive Technologies will be hosting a webinar on Thursday 1st October at 12:00pm (GMT+1), to discuss how mobile network operators can safely and securely upgrade their networks to 5G.

“The current approach to 5G by most operators relies on previous-generation 4G LTE networks with Non-Standalone architecture."

Positive Technologies.

“The current approach to 5G by most operators relies on previous-generation 4G LTE networks with Non-Standalone architecture,” said Positive Technologies ahead of the webinar. “This is a rapid way for operators to provide subscribers with 5G access, without building a new core network.  

“However with this approach, the 5G network & its 5G subscribers inherit the security issues of previous-generation networks. As shown by previous Positive Technologies research, an attacker can exploit Diameter vulnerabilities in 4G to cause denial of service attacks, track subscriber location, obtain subscriber profile information, and commit fraud.”

Webinar details

The Diameter signaling protocol is used to authenticate and authorise messages and data on 4G networks. But the vulnerabilities in the protocol mean 5G networks built on top of 4G infrastructure will also inherit the same threats, such as tracking user location and obtaining sensitive information.

Pavel Novikov, Head of the Telecom Security Research Team, will discuss these issues, and more, when he covers the following topics during the event:

  • Which new risks will appear with 5G deployment?
  • Why is the 5G security architecture itself not enough to keep networks safe?
  • Why will any 5G-only security efforts be pointless and dangerous?
  • How to protect 5G networks?

As a special bonus, all webinar attendees will also get an exclusive PDF whitepaper from Positive Technologies, which covers 5G migration, and will provide a convenient reference and recap of points discussed.

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