Chunghwa Telecom chooses Nokia to accelerate 5G expansion in Taiwan

Nokia AirScale Antenna (Image credit: Nokia)

Nokia has announced that it has been chosen by Chunghwa Telecom to expand the operator’s 5G network across the southern and central areas of Taiwan. Chunghwa Telecom aims to achieve 80 percent population coverage, as well as boosting 5G subscriptions to over 20 percent of its current subscriber base, and the Nokia deal will support this. The expansion will leverage products from Nokia’s AirScale portfolio to deliver enhanced connectivity for people and businesses.

“Supporting our enterprise and individual customers through advanced 5G services.”

Dr. Alex C.C. Chien, Chunghwa Telecom.

“Supporting our enterprise and individual customers through advanced 5G services is an important focus for Chunghwa Telecom. We are committed to retaining our position as the number one mobile operator in Taiwan by delivering new and innovative services for our customers. Nokia continues to be a trustworthy and hard-working partner for Chunghwa Telecom throughout our journey,” said Dr. Alex C.C. Chien, President of Mobile Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. 

Accelerating 5G rollout

The expansion, which supports Chunghwa Telecom’s primary business objective to accelerate 5G rollout this year, focuses on high traffic areas, as well as locations with a high business demand. These include metropolitan cities, universities, subway and high-speed rail stations, industrial parks and exhibition halls, and over 120 highly populated tourist hotspots. Additionally, Chunghwa Telecom plans to expand its enterprise footprint by enhancing their 4G/5G coverage as well as deploying private network solutions.

The new 5G network will be designed specifically to leverage Nokia’s 5G technology, namely it's competitive 5G radio solutions to support enterprise use cases. Chunghwa Telecom will strengthen its cooperation with leading local manufacturers for industrial 4.0 applications using solutions in 3.5GHz and 28GHz spectrum, to meet the high throughput requirements. 

As part of the deal, Nokia will deploy products from its AirScale portfolio, including AirScale base stations and AirScale radio access products. These will include industry-leading Massive MIMO radios, enabling CHT to boost capacity of existing spectrum and increase throughput. Nokia’s AirScale products are sort after as they offer huge capacity scaling and market-leading latency and connectivity for 5G networks, as well as supporting current and future technology trends, including network slicing and Cloud RAN.

5G in Taiwan 

“The Taiwan mobile market is highly competitive”

Mark Atkinson, Nokia

“The Taiwan mobile market is highly competitive, driven by an expectation for innovative and high-quality services demanded by subscribers. Next-generation networks are enabling the types of immersive and productivity-driven mobile services that Taiwanese people expect, so we are excited to support Chunghwa Telecom by expanding its 5G network,” said Mark Atkinson, SVP, Radio Access Networks PLM at Nokia. 

In addition to the newly announced deal, Nokia will continue its long-term vendor partnership with Chunghwa Telecom. This includes ongoing support for 5G coverage enhancement, enterprise entry and enhancement, network optimisation and Cloud RAN transformation.

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