Ericsson and Vodafone cut network energy use by 50% in new 5G trial

(Image credit: Ericsson)

As part of a collaboration to improve network energy performance, Ericsson and Vodafone have completed the first deployment of a new energy-efficient 5G radio in London. This is part of a collaboration between the two companies to improve network energy performance. The breakthrough 5G trial saw the companies halve network energy consumption. 

Energy consumption halved 

Situated on the roof of the Speechmark, Vodafone UK’s central London office, the controlled deployment of Ericsson’s antenna-integrated radio solution – AIR 3227,  saw Vodafone’s daily network energy consumption decrease. Not by a small amount either – by an average of 43 percent in direct comparison to previous generations of radio technology, and as much as 55 percent at off-peak times.

“Explore new ways we can more effectively manage the energy consumption of our network.”

Andrea Dona, Vodafone UK.

“Our strategy is simple; turn off anything we don’t need, replace legacy equipment with up-to-date alternatives and use the most energy efficient options available. The success of this trial allows us to explore new ways we can more effectively manage the energy consumption of our network with our partner Ericsson. There is no silver bullet to manage our network energy consumption - it is about putting sustainability at the heart of every decision and adding up all the small gains to make a material difference.” Said Andrea Dona, Chief Network Officer, Vodafone UK. 

Sustainable 5G rollout 

Ericsson’s new radio is 51 percent lighter in comparison, and its more compact design and improved energy management features will help to optimise overall site footprint, making the rollout of 5G networks and 4G upgrades faster and easier. The company says its been designed for future-proof and sustainable networks. 

Following the success of the trial, 1500 of the new radios will now be deployed across Vodafone’s network by April 2022. This will help to reduce the network's forecasted energy consumption of its future Vodafone 5G network and support a sustainable and responsible 5G rollout.

“Together we are building the 5G network of the future.”

Björn Odenhammar, Ericsson UK.

“Building on the success of an award-winning 5G network in London, it is another fantastic achievement for Vodafone and Ericsson to reduce network energy consumption by a daily average of 43 percent. Sustainability is central to Ericsson’s purpose and our new radio will help Vodafone to reduce network energy consumption, simplify network rollout and efficiently manage the expected growth in data traffic of both current and future 5G networks. Together we are building the 5G network of the future – one that delivers the highest possible performance with improved resource efficiency and low environmental impacts,” said Björn Odenhammar, Chief Technology Officer, Networks and Managed Services, Ericsson UK and Ireland.

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