Fujitsu and KDDI to use interconnected 5G network service to solve social issues

Fujitsu and KDDI aim to provide the 5G Service Platform using 5G, IoT, video content, and XR. (Image credit: KDDI)

Fujitsu Limited and KDDI Corporation have announced an agreement to collaborate on creating new services that enrich the customer experience and contribute to the resolution of social issues by utilising Fujitsu's private 5G and KDDI's au 5G technologies. The aim of the new partnership is realising a new digital society and co-creating businesses based on 5G technology.

Fujitsu and KDDI are now demonstrating the technology toward the realisation of a "5G Service Platform" that interconnects private 5G with au 5G. The companies are also now co-creating of B to B to X services that combine the real and the virtual worlds and are building an ecosystem with partners through mutual participation in the 5G Alliance operated by the two companies. 


(Image credit: KDDI)

“Promote the use of 5G to solve social issues and create new markets.”

Akihito Fujii, KDDI.

"Through the establishment of the 5G Business Co-creation Alliance and other initiatives, KDDI is cooperating with other companies across positions and industries to promote the use of 5G to solve social issues and create new markets. We are very pleased to collaborate with Fujitsu to provide new value in the B-to-B-to-X model by linking our 5G assets and infrastructure," said Akihito Fujii, Executive Officer, General Manager of Service Planning and Development Division, KDDI Corporation. 

5G Service Platform

The 5G Service Platform being created by Fujitsu Limited and KDDI Corporation, is a platform service that links private 5G and au 5G services to provide a comprehensive range of B to B to X services. Through the 5G Service Platform, Fujitsu and KDDI say they aim to realise a world where the experience in real places such as shopping malls, gyms and restaurants can be expanded seamlessly with virtual reality. It will be provided to companies that want to enhance their consumer businesses, companies that want to increase the value they offer through the facilities they manage and their communities as a whole, as well as local governments.

Solving social issues 

“The use of digital technologies in a way benefits social and personal wellbeing.”

KDDI Corporation

“The many restrictions and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it difficult for people to share space with one another and communicate freely, highlighting the urgent need to build more sustainable and resilient social systems and accelerate the movement toward the use of digital technologies in a way benefits social and personal wellbeing,” said KDDI, in a press statement. 

Additionally, the companies have highlighted that the threat posed by global climate change also demands that companies find new ways to realise efficient use of energy and reduction of waste by connecting people, goods, and services in real time, contributing to decarbonisation of businesses and local governments as well as to solutions for environmental and social issues more broadly. It’s to resolve these social issues and support the digital transformation of society, that Fujitsu and KDDI have entered into a partnership – providing new experiential value and services that combine the real and virtual worlds based on 5G.

“We anticipate that this partnership will further expand the value created by 5G.”

Tomonori Goto, Fujitsu.

"Fujitsu is proud to work with a variety of innovative partners to co-create businesses that address important social issues. We are very pleased to announce together with KDDI our shared vision for society, and we anticipate that this partnership will further expand the value created by 5G and accelerate our efforts to address social issues,” said Comments from Tomonori Goto, SVP, Director of 5G Vertical Service Office, Fujitsu Limited. 

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