HP unveils new Elite Dragonfly G2 laptop with 5G connectivity

HP Elite Dragonfly G2 notebook with 5G.
(Image credit: HP)

HP has announced the launch of the second generation of its HP Elite Dragonfly notebook, boasting an array of new features, including the ability to connect to 5G networks

The G2 version of the laptop is still being marketed as an ‘ultraportable business notebook’, but it now also comes with 5G wireless. This is a huge step forward, as it will make the device one of the first laptops to be able to connect to ultra-fast 5G wireless. 

More than just a 5G upgrade

The updated HP Elite Dragonfly G2 notebook also comes with further additional features, including an enhanced Sure View privacy display, and integrated Tile tracking. 

And you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the Elite Dragonfly G2 notebook either, as it is set to be hitting stores in early 2020. The laptop has an impressive set of features for one so light, weighing in at less than a kilogram, and it also has some environmental benefits, too, as it has been built using recycled materials.

Impressive new features 

The ability to connect to 5G is available in the Elite Dragonfly G2 notebook thanks to  Qualcomm’s X55 LTE+5G wireless technology, which will enable work to get done at super-fast speeds within areas lucky enough to have 5G coverage.

And thanks to a partnership with Tile – a company which produces devices to help users find their belongings, such as keys and backpacks – you’ll never misplace your laptop again. The Elite Dragonfly G2 notebook is the world’s first notebook with built-in Tile tracking, meaning that you’ll be able to find your laptop with your smartphone.

Privacy is also becoming increasingly important, as people work remotely, and switch between various devices on a daily basis, and so the Elite Dragonfly G2 also offers improved Sure View privacy technology, which blocks your screen from being viewed by other people. This means that no matter the location, or how busy it might be, people won’t be able to see what you are working on.

The new Elite Dragonfly G2 notebook from HP is likely to be joined by other 5G laptops in 2020, as more manufacturers look to embed 5G technology into their devices.

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