Melita first to rollout nation-wide 5G network in Malta

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(Image credit: Image by antheah from Pixabay)

Melita has announced they will be the first in Malta to rollout a nation-wide 5G network, which the telco said will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 1GB per second. Melita customers with Endless bundles and 5G phones or 5G enabled devices can now benefit from the 5G speed.

“Malta is one of the very few countries in the world with 5G nationwide.”

Harald Roesch, Melita.

“Malta is one of the very few countries in the world with 5G nationwide coverage, and is now unparalleled in the EU. This investment benefits our economy in general,” Harald Roesch, Melita’s CEO said, via source Times of Malta.

Low latency 5G

The latency of Melita’s 5G network is ten milliseconds. The company’s chief technical officer, Simon Montanaro pointed out that this speed is faster than human beings’ ability to perceive it.

“If we are thinking about a future with driverless vehicles or precision manufacturing, it’s clear that this very low latency will be incredibly powerful,” Montanaro stated, via Times of Malta.

The Economy Minister of Malta, Silvio Schembri, spoke at the network launch and said that within the EU, Malta is the top-ranking country for fast and ultra-fast fixed broadband coverage.

“5G provides connectivity that is ten times faster than what we currently have. The government remains committed to establishing Malta as a leader in innovative technologies and services,” the minister said.

Ericsson 5G network

The nation-wide 5G network rollout follows Malta’s multi-million euro investment in a state-of-the art Ericsson network. The trail with Ericsson started last September and saw the telco release a series of videos on their website and YouTube channel highlighting the benefits of 5G. 

Melita also published the results of the 5G trail, demonstrating that the network meets all EU and internationally recognised standards.

“Transmitting 5G signals on this network has, in fact, resulted in a negligible increase in energy."


At the 5G network launch, Melita’s CEO referred to health risks associated with the use of 5G technology, saying that the company will monitor emission levels of electromagnetic radiation that is produced to provide the service. 

“Transmitting 5G signals on this network has, in fact, resulted in a negligible increase in energy, remaining below 1 per cent of the guidelines established by the WHO recognised ICNRIP,” Melita said in a press statement.

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