No G7 countries feature in the world’s top 15 capital cities for 5G speed

Ookla speed test map.
(Image credit: Ookla)

In a series of tests to find the world’s leading capital cities for 5G speed and performance, 5G speed test company Ookla has announced a list of the top 15 capitals, with no G7 countries featuring.

The G7, supposedly made up of the world's largest IMF advanced economies, and its wealthiest liberal democracies, didn’t manage a single entry in Ookla’s list, which was topped by the Norwegian capital of Oslo. 

Ookla top 15 world capitals for 5G speed.

(Image credit: Ookla.)

The G7 lags behind for 5G speed

Whilst there was no place for London, Washington, D.C., Paris, Berlin, Ottawa, Tokyo, or Rome in Ookla's list, Oslo had the fastest 5G of any world capital, clocking in with a median download speed of 526.74 Mbps. Seoul, South Korea had the second fastest median download speed over 5G at 467.84 Mbps; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates was third (421.26 Mbps); Doha, Qatar fourth (413.40 Mbps) and Stockholm, Sweden fifth (401.30 Mbps). 

“We used Speedtest Intelligence to see which world capitals have the best 5G speeds and availability."


“Huge investments in 5G are being made to increase performance, especially in major cities,” Ookla’s announcement said. “We used Speedtest Intelligence to see which world capitals have the best 5G speeds and availability, based on locations with commercially available 5G during Q1-Q2 2021.”

Paris was the best performing capital of G7 countries, with speeds of 208.48 Mbps, with Ottawa clocking 196.11 Mbps, Rome hitting 171.79 Mbps; London achieving speeds of 167.50 Mbps, with Tokyo just behind, at 167.02 Mbps. Worst of all the G7 countries were the United States and Germany, with Washington, D.C. and Berlin scoring 151.80 Mbps and 148.16 Mbps respectively.

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