Nokia empowers CSPs to deliver 5G services with AI

Nokia 5G artificial intelligence.
(Image credit: Nokia.)

For communication service providers (CSPs) to fully realize the potential of a 5G ecosystem, there is a common consensus that artificial intelligence (AI) will not just be preferential, but vital if CSPs are going to successfully harness new revenue streams.

To provide CSPs with the ability to deliver and maintain new 5G services using AI, Nokia has today announced its acronym-fuelled ‘AVA QoE at the Edge service’, which it says will allow CSPs to deliver a superior customer experience, with this new service which will deploy Nokia AVA AI at the edge, bringing it closer to the customer, and enabling automated actions to fix customer issues instantly. 

“I know that the migration to automation can be extremely challenging. Some time ago, we helped a CSP implement an AI solution to troubleshoot network issues. The AI solution was trained and very accurate. However, initially senior engineers were reluctant to follow the AI recommendations – despite the fact that the AI was consistently correct and often could help solve the issue in minimal time,” said Dennis Lorenzin, senior vice president of the network cognitive services unit at Nokia. “This example shows the natural human resistance that we often see when implementing automation, but it doesn’t have to be this way.”

AI supports improved customer experience

In a 2019 study of 50 CSPs that was conducted by Nokia, it found that when CSPs attempted AI implementation, 56% faced data quality issues, 55% lacked the right data science skills, and only 20% of AI Proof of Concepts had so far scaled and progressed to live deployments.

"With Nokia’s AVA QoE at the Edge, we bring AI to the edge, so CSPs can deliver personalized 5G experiences and guaranteed performance.”

Dennis Lorenzin, Nokia.

“Today, many CSPs are keen to launch new low latency services to their customers,” explained Lorenzin. “With Nokia’s AVA QoE at the Edge, we bring AI to the edge, so CSPs can deliver personalized 5G experiences and guaranteed performance.” 

In another study, Nokia found that 35% of telecom operators said that customer experience was its primary concern. And with the deployment of Nokia AVA algorithms on traditional network architectures, Nokia says that CSPs have seen a 59% reduction in Netflix buffering and 15% fewer YouTube sessions that suffer from long playback. And with AVA QoE at the Edge, Nokia says that CSPs can champion customer experience.

AVA Quality of Experience (QoE) at the Edge enables AI to be deployed closer to the customer, and enables CSPs to launch new low latency consumer services like video streaming and cloud gaming. 

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