Viettel network hits record 4.7 Gbps 5G speed in Vietnam

(Image credit: Viettel)

Viettel Corporation, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. have worked together at Viettel Innovation Lab to research, test and successfully establish 5G data transmission speed of over 4.7Gbps – the fastest 5G speed on record in Vietnam. This record speed is 40 times faster than 4G and 2 times more than the currently available 5G speeds.

“The distinct benefits of 5G technology.”

Mr. Dao Xuan Vu, Viettel Networks.

"This breakthrough in 5G data speed makes Viettel’s 5G network more practical and efficient. We will continue to further promote this technology development to allow people, businesses, governments and society to experience the distinct benefits of 5G technology in particular and Industry 4.0 in general," said Mr. Dao Xuan Vu, CEO, Viettel Networks. 

Milestone 5G speed

This milestone 5G speed reinforces the outstanding capabilities of 5G mmWave technology that Viettel is deploying in Vietnam. 5G network with high data speed will serve as the foundation for building smart factories, smart agriculture, smart cities, smart healthcare and smart education. 

In order to reach the impressive 4.7 Gbps record, the research team of Viettel, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies have used the most advanced E-UTRA New Radio Dual Connectivity technology using 800Mhz of mmWave spectrum to help accelerate and extend 5G coverage. The 5G technology solution was implemented at Viettel Innovation Lab using Ericsson radio equipment and a smartphone test device powered by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60.

“Readiness to provide superior 5G services.”

Mr. Denis Brunetti, Ericsson Vietnam.

“The milestone that we have achieved with Viettel during the 5G trial has been achieved using Ericsson new radio Street macro on mmWave spectrum. This is an easy-to-install solution, to help accelerate the 5G roll-out experience in dense urban environments, while ensuring the best user experience. This trial also demonstrates Viettel's infrastructure readiness to provide superior 5G services, an enhanced user experience for consumers and ability to empower Vietnam's vision for industry digitalization,” said Mr. Denis Brunetti, President of Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. 

5G research and deployment is one of the six development pillars in Viettel’s “pioneering and enabling digital society" strategy that the network set in 2019. Up to now, Viettel has been a pioneer in 5G deployment in Vietnam and is the only operator in the world that has capability to research and develop 5G devices.

“Helping to empower all industries to accelerate digital transformation.”

Mr. ST Liew, Qualcomm.

“Qualcomm Technologies is very pleased that Viettel has achieved the fastest 5G speed record in Vietnam, helping to empower all industries to accelerate digital transformation with unmatched performance improvements. This accomplishment can enable many new use cases for consumers and businesses to take advantage of its enhanced network capacity, multi-gigabit speed, and low latency. Together, we move significantly closer to providing Vietnamese users access to rapid connections on 5G devices. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Viettel in deploying 5G mmWave in Vietnam,” said Mr. ST Liew, President of Qualcomm Taiwan and Southeast Asia. 

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