Vodafone hopes to boost consumer confidence with its half-price 5G plans

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Vodafone has had a tumultuous few years, but over the last six months the company has seen its stock recovering. However, like almost every telecoms company, it saw its stock plummet this week, as coronavirus sent prices tumbling, resulting in the NYSE’s first ‘circuit breaker’ since 1997.

Given this context, Vodafone is currently doing everything it can to keep its 5G momentum going, which – as it announced this week – now includes cutting the prices of its Vodafone 5G SIM-Only plans to half price for the next six months (on a 24-month contract). 

After six months the prices will double, and revert back to the normal cost. And there are three plans to choose from, which are: Unlimited Lite, Unlimited, and Unlimited Max (with the difference between each one being download speeds). 

The different plans

The Vodafone Unlimited Lite plan will cost you £11 for the first six months and £22 per month after that. You will be able to enjoy unlimited minutes, texts and data. However, this is the slowest 5G plan of them all, with a download speed of 2Mbps. At this speed it would take less than 15 seconds to download a three-minute song, but Vodafone doesn’t recommend streaming on this plan, as you can expect a whole lot of buffering. 

Moving onto the Vodafone Unlimited plan, this will set you back £13 for the first six months and £26 per month after that. As standard, you’ll get unlimited minutes, texts and data. However, speeds take a significant jump to 10Mbps, meaning that three-minute song will only take three seconds to download.

And if you are planning on going all out, then the Vodafone Unlimited Max plan will be perfect for you. It’ll cost £15 for the first six months and £30 per month after that. You’ll get everything the previous plans offer but even faster speeds. The Unlimited Max allows you access to Vodafone’s 5G network at full speeds, with no cap like previous plans. This means that three-minute song will be an instant download. Plus, streaming will be a breeze with Ultra HD content at your fingertips. 

If you are already a Vodafone SIM-Only 5G plan customer, unfortunately you won’t be able to take advantage of this impressive deal. However, if you are considering switching over, now is certainly a good time to consider it.

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