World’s first 5G SA public-cloud network announced by Nokia and Dish in the US

(Image credit: Nokia)

Nokia has announced it will deploy its 5G standalone (SA) Core for Dish on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This news marks the world’s first deployment of 5G in the public cloud, supporting Dish’s cloud-native, OpenRAN-based 5G network with high-level scale, performance and security.

“Mission to deploy the United States’ first cloud-native, OpenRAN-based 5G network.”

Marc Rouanne, Dish.

“Running the Nokia 5G SA core on AWS will optimise our network operations to launch new software and services rapidly and efficiently, enabling the integration of countless innovative use cases for customers. This collaboration is an important step forward on our mission to deploy the United States’ first cloud-native, OpenRAN-based 5G network,” said Marc Rouanne, Chief Network Officer, Dish.

5G SA Core

As Nokia is deploying 5G SA Core on AWS, this enables the automation required to meet evolving customer needs. In turn, this will allow Dish to support new enterprise and consumer 5G use cases quickly, securely and across multiple cloud stacks at end customer premises.

“New carriers can revolutionise wireless connectivity in the 5G era.”

Dave Brown, AWS.

“Dish’s cloud-native 5G network serves as a prime example of how new carriers can revolutionise wireless connectivity in the 5G era. Dish is continuing to put innovation first with an eye on customer experience via this standalone core deployment on AWS with Nokia,” said Dave Brown, Vice President, Amazon EC2, AWS.

With Nokia 5G SA Core on AWS, Dish will be able to offer the responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency that is needed to create innovative new services for its customers, while leveraging automation for ongoing operations and unlocking crucial capabilities, such as network slicing.

“We are pleased to break new ground in the telecom industry with AWS and Dish leveraging our cloud-native core to bring innovative 5G capabilities to enterprises and consumers. This collaboration places AWS and Dish at the forefront of the industry, delivering key 5G benefits such as agility and scalability to their customers over Nokia’s proven distributed core architecture,” said Raghav Sahgal, President, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia.

5G-era services

In order for Dish to facilitate the world’s first 5G standalone core network in the public cloud with AWS, Nokia is providing 5G technology including voice core, cloud packet core, subscriber data management, device management and NetGuard network security. This is as well as professional end-to-end security services for Dish. These solutions provide Dish with the 5G speed, flexibility and intelligence to deliver new, 5G-era services, while cost-effectively managing its network with near zero-touch automation and adherence to service level agreements compliant to Dish service-based architecture.

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