5G ambulances trialled by O2 and Samsung

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O2 has developed a deal with Samsung and the NHS to test out “smart ambulances” equipped with 5G technology later this month. O2 will test the technology on six ambulances which will allow for new services such as real-time video technology and high-quality scanners.

Better treatments on the scene

The trial aims to see how many more patients can be treated at the scene of the accident thanks to the new 5G technology. 5G provides download and upload speeds up to 100 times faster than current speeds. This will boost connections between ambulances and paramedics, allowing them to reach patients quicker. 

These new smart ambulances are only gradually being rolled out but the hope is that soon the NHS will only have 5G-equipped ambulances. O2 could also roll this out to other industries and public sector work. 

“Healthcare is one of the areas set to benefit most from 5G technology.”

Derek McManus, O2 COO

 5G could free up one million hours 

O2 has stated that the 5G video conference technology could free up an extra one million hours per year for the NHS. This improved network capacity could also save big cities millions of pounds if patients wear internet-connected wearables. 

The trial consists of an emergency call-out in which paramedics will have to collect data and communicate remotely using the on-board 5G equipment. 

Derek McManus, O2 chief operating officer said: “Healthcare is one of the areas set to benefit most from 5G technology.”

Whilst Lynda Sibson, telemedicine manager with East of England NHS, said: “Extending this type of care into smart ambulances is an exciting next step in critical and pre-hospital emergency care.”

As O2 leads the way with ambulance 5G, this could be a huge step for the company. Highlighting its authority and insight into this potentially life-saving tech.

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