Huawei: "4G delivered information, 5G will deliver emotion.”

Ryan Ding delivering the keynote (Image credit: Huawei)

Today, in London rather than Barcelona, after Mobile World Congress 2020 was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, Huawei has revealed the Chinese technology giant’s vision of how 5G can change the world. 

“4G delivered information, 5G will deliver emotion.”

Ryan Ding, Huawei

Today was the first of two days of Huawei’s “5G, Bring New Value” Products & Solutions Launch. The company was evangelistic in its belief that 5G technology will be transformative across the globe, across a wide number of industries, not just 5G mobile. “4G delivered information, 5G will deliver emotion,” said Ryan Ding, President of Huawei’s carrier business group.

91 worldwide 5G contracts

An upbeat Ding was quick to boast that the company has won 91 commercial 5G contracts across the world, including 47 in Europe and 27 in Asia. He also stated that the company has more than a hundred different 5G testing projects currently in operation. 

5G use cases

Faster 5G phones are only one of the 5G use cases Huawei is looking to get into – education, healthcare and retail were all cited as high-interest areas for the company.

At the event, Ding showed the audience Huawei's recently released live broadcast backpack. Embedded with a 5G module, this backpack makes live broadcasting easier.

Of course, Huawei didn’t forget about mobile 5G, making its pitch as a reliable 5G network partner for mobile. They have a strong offering here as the company can offer a complete hardware package, from base stations to 5G phones

New 5G base station

Another key point of interest at the event was Ding’s announcement of a new 5G massive MIMO base station which weighs just 25kg, which will make the installation and rollout of new networks easier going forward. He argued that this is especially key in Europe, as the mobile spectrum landscape is so fragmented. With physical space at a premium and several different bands to support, equipment that can support a vast array of frequencies will be critical to European operators and Huawei has the solution.

$20m 5G deployment over next 5 years

Ding, who announced Huawei will invest $20 million in 5G deployment over the next five years, said: “5G exploration will continue in 2020 and be more experience-oriented, innovative and commercially successful.”

Day two of the event, attended by media and industry analysts, looks set to focus on interviews and visits to the Huawei 5G Innovation Centre, London. 

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