Nigeria announces the deployment of its first 5G network

Oluwaseyi Aiyeobasan from Pixabay
Lagos, Nigeria. (Image credit: Oluwaseyi Aiyeobasan from Pixabay)

The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy has disclosed it will soon deploy 5G in the country, significantly increasing its connectivity. The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami, made the announcement in in Abuja when he featured on FORUM, a special News Agency of Nigeria interview programme.

“5G communication network is in the pipeline.”

Dr Isa Pantami, Minister.

“I want to give you the assurance that 5G communication network is in the pipeline,” said Pantami, who disclosed that the ministry had started discussions with the Nigerian Communications Commission regarding spectrum for commercial purposes. He said that country was now ready to deploy its 5G network, following an outcome of thorough investigations, research and trials where the 5G technology proved not to pose security or health threats. 

5G National Policy 

In the FORUM interview, Pantami said the work on Nigeria’s national policy on 5G stands at 95 per cent done and will be presented to the Federal Executive Council in due course. He highlighted that the primary concern of government was to ensure security and welfare of Nigerians and blamed the delay in the deployment of the 5G network on conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories 

In Nigeria, there were concerns that COVID-19 was associated with the deployment of the 5G communications network. “We’d reached advanced stage of 5G, then, an issue came up that 5G was related to COVID-19; many people including the educated ones started circulating it without verification,” said Pantami, who added it was natural for people to be a bit sceptical about new technology. 

“No relationship between 5G network and COVID-19.”

Dr Isa Pantami, Minister.

“The World Health Organisation has issued a statement that there is no relationship between 5G network and COVID-19 and that addresses the health issue,” Pantami stated. In order to assure the public 5G doesn’t pose health concerns, Pantami said the government had made time for more consultation and creating awareness in local languages. 

“We set up a technical team that accommodated security, health and environmental institutions and the public sector so that we can be on the same page,” said Pantami. He also said the International Communications Union, an arm of the UN, also issued another statement debunking any implications from the 5G. 

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