T-Mobile takes another swipe at Verizon with new “Verwhyzon” ad campaign

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T-Mobile has once again decided to focus its marketing energy on poking fun at Verizon. The latest ad campaign calls its rival carrier "Verwhyzon", questioning why Verizon 5G has such  limited coverage. 

Verizon is using the mmWave spectrum for its 5G roll-out, which leads to much faster speeds, but cannot pass through solid objects, therefore limiting coverage. T-Mobile, on the other hand, has rolled out 5G on the low-band spectrum, which has huge coverage, but speeds that don’t fare much better than 4G LTE. 

Losing their network crown?

"In the 5G era, they're losing their network crown," explained T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray, in a recent blog post. “They've painted themselves into a technology corner with a 5G strategy focused on millimeter wave. They bet on the wrong horse, and now they're trying to advertise their way out of it."

And once again, T-Mobile has created an entirely new Twitter account to mock Verizon.

The Verwhyzon account pokes fun at the expense of Verizon’s limited 5G coverage, and how customers are having to “pay more then guess”.  

Verizon hit back, though, with its director of communications Kevin King saying, "Ray spends a lot of time and energy focused on Verizon's network.

"Perhaps he should pay better attention to his own 5G network. It can't even match the performance of our 4G LTE network," King said in an emailed statement.

Whilst T-Mobile’s marketing is a harmless way to tear down its competition, it is interesting to note that its 5G is live in almost every state. Whilst Verizon only has limited 5G coverage in 34 cities.

However, it’s unfair to compare two different bands of 5G, delivering a very different experience. For now, it may be entertaining to watch what T-Mobile will do next with its marketing, but consumers have never been more confused about what’s on offer.

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