Telstra 5G on track to reach 75% of Aussies by the end of June

Image by Flo K from Pixabay
(Image credit: Image by Flo K from Pixabay)

Telstra, who has Australia’s largest 5G network, first launched their 5G Home Internet at the end of last year and now announces it is well on track to reach 75% of Aussies by the end of June.

“The average speed from our speed tests is at around 378Mbps.”


“We have enough users on the network now to get an accurate look at the performance customers can expect on 5G Home Internet. We have also been refining the service and network, bumping up average download speeds by 19%. Our typical evening speed, the speed which you can generally expect in peak streaming hours at night, sits at between 50Mbps – 600Mbps, and the average speed from our speed tests is at around 378Mbps,” said the telco in a statement.

Doubling 5G data

Based on feedback from their early Home 5G Internet customers, Telstra are also doubling their included data each month on these plans. Data will increase from 500GB to 1000GB, enabling customers to download, video chat and stream without stress.

mmWave spectrum acquisition

Having recently acquired 5G mmWave spectrum, Telstra now has the ability to facilitate a full 5G rollout across Australia, giving their customers a home broadband service over 5G which will meet performance and capacity requirements as internet needs continue to grow. 

“Implementing mmWave on our 5G network will be like adding more lanes to a freeway, making it even faster while allowing more people on the network at the same time,” stated Telstra.

Telstra has begun deploying 5G mmWave in selected sites, in five capital cities and have achieved record-breaking download speeds using this 5G technology in testing earlier this year.

As part of building out their 5G Home Internet portfolio, Telstra are working with Casa Systems, a global leader in network technology, on the next evolution of our 5G fixed wireless, using mmWave technology. The telco giant also continues to work with closely with NBN Co to improve the overall nbn experience for their broadband customers. 

“Our goal is very simply to offer the right internet connection"


“Our goal is very simply to offer the right internet connection to deliver the best experience for our customers – one that is based on their needs, their location, and what technology is available to connect them,” continued Telstra.

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. Additionally, the telco has an international presence spanning over 20 countries.

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