Thailand’s largest telecoms company reveals its top 5G use cases

AIS 5G showcase
(Image credit: AIS)

AIS, Thailand's largest telecommunication company with 41.5 million subscribers, says that it has developed various solutions for 5G adoption after a year of collaborating with partners. 

These solutions could serve several major industries, including robotics, remote control vehicles, 3D holograms, telehealth, and smart logistics.

AIS sad that remote-control 5G drones will also be demonstrated between Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima, showcasing how unmanned flying vehicles can be enabled by 5G, with the drones being controlled remotely via a mobile network.

For the trials, AIS has carried out 5G solutions testing in five locations, working with universities, partners and a telecom regulator. 

The future of 5G 

Khun Wasit Wattanasap, head of nationwide operations and support at AIS, said that the right time for commercial 5G use cases depends on when industries are ready to adopt the new technology. 

According to the Bangkok Post, a source within the telecom industry has revealed that AIS has partnered with China Mobile and Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo on 5G tech, and several unnamed industry players have also been in talks with AIS regarding collaboration with 5G tech adoption in the future. 

The new 5G use cases from AIS are currently being showcased at Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall until January 3rd, and it aims to inform industries of the benefits of 5G in a variety of different applications. Some of the innovative uses of 5G displayed at the showcase included 5G 3D holograms, 5G video calls, robotics, remote control vehicles and connected drones.

Mr Wasit explained that 5G 3D holograms could be used in business meetings, distance education, medicine, agriculture and entertainment. And, as you might expect, there was also a demonstration of remote driverless vehicle technology via 5G.

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