Verizon and Sony trial 5G for live sports production

(Image credit: Verizon / Sony)

Verizon has joined forces with Sony and NBC Sports to demonstrate how 5G-connected cameras can transform the way sports are broadcast. 

During the Houston Texans vs New England Patriots NFL game at the start of December, a camera person from NBC Sports captured video of the game on the field using Sony's PXW-Z450 shoulder camcorder. The video was streamed through Sony's prototype transmitter box and an Xperia 5G mmWave device, via Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network, to a production room in the stadium.

And thanks to 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency, the demo enabled high definition video to be streamed in real-time, and captured with no wires on the field, joining the growing ranks of 5G use cases.

“It was exciting to see Sony’s 5G product coming to life,” said David Mazza, CTO, NBC Sports Group. “The picture quality is excellent, and we look forward to the day when we can deploy a wireless camera this easily as part of the 5G rollouts around the country.”

Remote production with 5G 

“It also allows you to stream high-definition video to production teams located anywhere in the world versus in-stadium production rooms or trucks."

Victor Romo-Aledo, Verizon.

"The goal was to show that 5G can enable remote production teams to be located anywhere, regardless of where the games’ taking place,” said Verizon lead engineer Victor Romo-Aledo.

”Also, to show that 5G’s instant wireless connectivity allows cameras to be untethered so they can be free to roam and get more creative camera positions and angles throughout the game. This can reduce set-up times and costs required for camera system integration.” 

Romo-Aledo went on to say that for live sports broadcasts, 5G means you can transmit video wirelessly, so cameras do not have to be wired, and can be free to roam around to get more unique angles on the field. 

“It also allows you to stream high-definition video to production teams located anywhere in the world versus in-stadium production rooms or trucks,” Romo-Aledo explained.

Improving live sports 

The test has demonstrated that 5G-connected cameras are a reliable and beneficial option for future live sports broadcasts. And Verizon and Sony have said that they will continue to pursue more ways to improve live sports production using 5G.

“Verizon’s 5G network is built to transform industries and we’re thrilled to demonstrate how it can change the way live sports broadcasts are captured and delivered,” concluded Verizon chief product development officer Nicki Palmer. 

The demonstration was hailed as a “beneficial option" for future live sports broadcasts.

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