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Top 5G stocks of 2019: discover the latest news, rumours, and deals

5G stocks
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(Image credit: Future)

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5G stocks are generating interest amongst investors. The fifth generation of mobile network technology is now upon us, promising to bring stable connections and much faster data downloads. Whatever your smartphone can do now, 5G technology promises to do it much faster and better.  

The new network technology has arrived on a small scale already, but is set to launch fully in 2020. Much like 4G, 5G will certainly become the industry standard eventually - which is big news for the stock market. Currently, the 5G market is valued at $131bn (£106bn), with analysts predicting growth of 111% over the next five years. 

5G stocks prices are on the up

The launch of 5G will affect a huge number of companies, from mobile networks, to healthcare and gaming. This will consequently boost the stock market as 5G brings new opportunities and revenue streams for companies. 5G stock prices are likely to soar and investors will be reaping the benefits as 5G continues to grow. 

However, politics, company acquisitions and the economy can all have a huge impact on the performance of these 5G stocks. What if consumers aren’t keen to make the move to 5G or the government places restrictions on certain companies? Thankfully, we are here to bring you all of the latest news on 5G stocks so you can keep an eye on the market.

5G stock info

(Image credit: Qorvo)

Exchange: NASDAQ

Current price: $103.89 (£80.87)

Market cap: $12.07bn (£9.3bn)

Year high: $104.22 (£81.13)

Year low: $54.74 (£42.61)

P/E ratio: 50

Dividend yield: N/A 

Hot 5G stock:  Qorvo

Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO) may have an extremely steep valuation as of late, and the odds have been stacked against it thanks to the US/China trade war. However, the chipmaker is defying expectations thanks to the 5G chip opportunity. 

Qorvo is perfectly placed for long-term growth, with the likes of Apple’s iPhone being in strong demand and the ramp-up of 5G smartphones. Last quarter the company managed to beat Wall Street’s estimates by quite the margin. Revenue was $807 million (£628m), which was much higher than the $754 million (£587m) estimate. 

The key reason for this outperformance is the arrival of 5G phones. The company is currently "securing significant content in 5G smartphones" as the industry continues to grow. With mobile supplies making up 77% of the company’s revenue, new 5G devices will have a huge impact on the business.

5G stock info

(Image credit: AT&T)

Exchange: NYSE

Current price: $38.78 (£30.11)

Market cap: $288.62bn (£225bn)

Year high: $39.58 (£30.86)

Year low: $26.80 (£20.90)

P/E ratio: 17

Dividend yield: 5.26% 

Hot 5G stock: AT&T

AT&T (NYSE: T) is a highly underappreciated 5G stock right now. The huge dividend yield of 5.2% is certainly not to be ignored, either. Earnings and revenue are steadily growing as the 5G revolution takes hold, and brings more business to the company. 

This month, AT&T has managed to reach its 52-week high, which is a huge achievement for the company, demonstrating the impact that 5G is having. The company impressed investors with strong third-quarter results. Earnings per share were $0.94 which smashed estimates of only $0.01. 

The hundreds of millions of devices and locations that will require 5G in the upcoming years could provide AT&T with an entire decade of growth. This makes the stock highly investable, and with such great dividends, it’s hard to ignore.

5G stock info

(Image credit: Apple)

Exchange: NASDAQ

Current price: $262.97 (£204.17)

Market cap: $1.17T (£908bn)

Year high: $264.88 (£205.65)

Year low: $142 (£110.25)

P/E ratio: 22

Dividend yield: 1.17% 

Hot 5G stock: Apple

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock traded at record highs this week, and seems to have the fuel to run even higher in the coming weeks. RBC Capital Markets analyst Robert Muller set a price target of 295 on Apple stock, and the stock currently stands at 262.34, showing the potential for growth.

The stock began to surge after the better-than-expected fourth quarter results released at the end of October. This is all without the new 5G iPhone being released yet, which means we could see huge growth for the company in 2020. 

Many investors will be piling on the stock long before the 5G iPhone makes an appearance, which would be a wise decision. If sales do well, the stock could have sky-rocketed by the end of next year.

5G stock info

(Image credit: Ciena)

Exchange: NYSE

Current price: $37.66 (£29.24)

Market cap: $5.75bn (£7.3bn)

Year high: $46.78 (£36.50)

Year low: $30.33 (£23.66)

P/E ratio: 42

Dividend yield: N/A 

Prediction:  Overlooked Ciena Corporation will gain from 5G 

Ciena Corporation (NYSE: CIEN) is a major supplier of fibre optics, which is vital for the deployment of 5G networks, placing the stock in the perfect position to benefit. This week, the stock gained a strong 2.16%, thanks to its performance so far this year.

On top of this, Ciena has risen by 30.59%, from the average 12-month price target expected by analysts. Furthermore, the stock has gained 24.96% of its value over the past year, which has led to more investors trusting the company. Earnings are also up 83% year-over-year. This continued positive trend is likely to keep going thanks to 5G.

5G stock info

(Image credit: Qualcomm)

Exchange: NASDAQ

Current price: $90.22 (£70.05)

Market cap: $103bn (£79bn)

Year high: $94.11 (£73.07)

Year low: $49.10 (£38.12)

P/E ratio: 25.18

Dividend yield: 2.75% 

BREAKING:   Qualcomm stock downgraded 

Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) has been downgraded this week over potential 5G risks of a value gap behind its semiconductor peers. The stocks were down 2.33% this week, which is a significant and damaging drop. Morgan Stanley analyst James Faucette doesn’t hold the most positive sentiment, saying "investors see a high probability of a China-U.S. trade agreement" and that this "won't materially impact the business". 

Qualcomm is facing uncertainty surrounding tariffs and an antitrust lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission. New opportunities and markets will take longer for Qualcomm to obtain which could negatively impact results. 

Having said this, the company posted fourth-quarter earnings and revenue firmly ahead of Wall Street estimates. Furthermore, Qualcomm is expected to unveil its next flagship semiconductor at the Snapdragon Tech Summit in Hawaii next month.

Fiona discovered her love for investing and making money from a young age. Since then this interest has grown and now she loves writing about investing and business, and follows the 5G market closely. She is also a technology enthusiast, and so they tend to be her favourite investments.