Japan approves bill to help companies develop 5G & drone technologies

Japanese street by Masashi Wakui from Pixabay (Image credit: Masashi Wakui from Pixabay)

Japan’s cabinet has today approved a bill that will help companies develop both secure 5G mobile networks and technologies for 5G drones. This bill is well timed as there is mounting concern among Tokyo policymakers over the increasing influence of China’s 5G technology

5G Incentives 

According to source, Reuters, Japanese companies developing secure 5G mobile networks and/or drone technologies will, under the bill, have access to low-interest rate loans from government-affiliated financial institutions – providing their plans comply to the cyber security standards put in place.

 The bill also allows companies that adopt 5G technologies tax incentives, if they meet standards set by the government.

The Japanese government will now submit the bill to its parliament – hoping for it come into effect around summer time this year.

5G security concerns 

This bill is the next step in Japan competing with China’s advance in 5G technology and comes at a time when the US and some allies including Australia has banned Chinese technology giant, Huawei out of 5G network rollout plans due to 5G security concerns, namely that the company could spy on customers for Beijing. Huawei has repeatedly denied this. 

In December 2019, Japan introduced new tax measures designed to encourage companies to spend on start-ups and other investments. This was in order to stimulate a slowing economy and also help companies to compete with China’s advance in 5G technology.

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