KT and Hyundai collaborate to bring 5G to construction sites

(Image credit: KT)

KT and Hyundai Engineering & Construction have announced that they will work together to build 5G networks at construction sites. The aim is to develop construction and automation technology. 

The exciting news means that we could see autonomous construction robots! The 5G will also be used to improve other technologies with better productivity and monitoring at construction sites.

“Ultra-fast data transmission speeds” 

KT will help Hyundai to build these 5G networks at its construction sites. The trials of the 5G solutions will commence later this year. If the trial all goes to plan, then the two companies aim to apply their technologies to many more construction sites next year. 

KT has said that its 5G technologies will provide "ultra-fast data transmission speeds and ultra-low latency with top notch security". They went on to say that their technology is perfect for transmitting large files which is ideal for construction site uses.

Back to the future 

More excitingly, the companies have both said that the development of autonomous robots will give Hyundai the opportunity to carry out work on sites with limited to no human access. 

This really is pushing the boundaries of current technology but both companies believe that this will be made possible thanks to 5G. 

KT has been involved in many innovative 5G projects recently that push the limits of technology. Last week, we reported that KT was working closely with Samsung to develop smart hospitals. On top of this, KT has been involved in rolling out 5G in demanding areas such as airports and train stations.

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