Samsung and KT bring 5G ‘smart hospital’ to Seoul

(Image credit: Samsung)

South Korean telco KT is planning to install 5G at the Samsung Medical Center's facilities. The aim is to use the technology to help develop new medical services. 

Samsung Medical Center’s main campus is situated in Seoul, which is where KT will install the new 5G. This center is home to the proton therapy center and cancer hospital. The new services developed as a result could be life-changing. 

Fast and safe data 

Currently, doctors are required to move back and forth between the proton therapy center and cancer hospital in order to collect data on patients. Furthermore, pathology data can only be accessed in limited locations. 

With access to 5G networks, doctors will have fast and safe access to all of the data they need in one place. No matter where the medical staff are in the center, they will be able to view the data they need. This will not only save time but also allow doctors to do much more with the patient’s data.

5G opens doors 

On top of more accessible data, doctors would also be able to carry out real-time checkups on patients undergoing proton therapy. 

After 5G has been successfully installed, both KT and Samsung plan to work together to develop new medical services. They are hoping that they will reach a point where doctors and staff can carry out a co-diagnosis, even if they aren’t in the same place as the patient. 

What does this mean? Doctors will be able to monitor surgery without even being in the operating room. Video delivered via high-speed 5G internet will allow doctors to monitor and make suggestions in real-time. And staff will have all the patient data they need at their fingertips all thanks to 5G. 

It’s exciting to see huge steps being made in the medical field thanks to 5G. Once the network has been fully rolled out, third-party providers will then be able to build new services  for patients.

Fiona Leake

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