Suspect in custody following arson attack on 5G mast

(Image credit: EE)

Chris Bryant, the local MP for Rhondda in South Wales has accused anti-5G protesters of torching one of his area’s phone masts. At the end of September, the EE/BT tower in Porth was destroyed by an arson attack, and accusations are being directed towards protesters concerned over 5G dangers.   

Suspect in custody 

For now, EE has provided a temporary mast (see below), and engineers have already fully installed it, enabling customer connections to return to normal. The torched mast was also serving Three 5G and Virgin customers and so the damage has affected the lives of many locals. 

EE's temporary mast being installed at Waun Wen Community Centre.

EE's temporary mast being installed at  Waun Wen Community Centre. (Image credit: EE)

“We have now restored coverage to the local community in Porth – huge thanks to the team at the Waun Wen Community Centre, who kindly volunteered land for us to install our temporary mast,” an EE spokesperson told 5Gradar. “The signal issues in Porth were caused by an arson attack on our sites in the area, which have denied the community of Porth mobile coverage. We’ve been working closely with the police, and we understand that a suspect is in custody and the investigation is still ongoing. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to local residents while we worked to install the temporary solution to get Porth back online.” 

Why burn your own mast?

Why are there anti-5G protestors in the first place? Many of the protesters are concerned about the negative health side-effects that the increased number of electromagnetic waves could cause, and therefore don’t want the masts in their communities. Energy usage and sustainable environment concerns are also present, too. Furthermore, the universal connectivity that 5G will bring leads many to believe that our personal security and privacy is being threatened.  

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