T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet hits 30m homes for $60 a month

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet router.
(Image credit: T-Mobile)

By 2024, Ericsson believes 5G networks will boast 1.9 billion subscribers, carry 35 percent of the world’s data traffic, and cover 65 percent of the global population. This creates a huge potential for 5G Internet, which is viewed as one of the key new applications in the early years of 5G.

And in the United States, T-Mobile 5G has announced the roll-out of its 5G Home Internet service, which will be powered by the company’s T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway (pictured), which is a combined 4G/5G modem and wifi router.

“More than 30 million homes are now eligible. That's almost one in five American households."

Mike Sievert, T-Mobile.

“I’m proud to announce that we're launching T-Mobile Home Internet,” explained Mike Sievert, CEO at T-Mobile. “More  than 30 million homes are now eligible. That's almost  one in five American households available today. And that makes T-Mobile one of America's largest ISPs by service area - Verizon says they won't even reach that many homes in their fixed 5G  wireless for nearly two more years.”

Upgrading America's homes to 5G

T-Mobile says that the new service will be available to more than 30m US households, with prices starting at $60 per month, and advertised average speeds of around 100Mbps.

“Of those 30 million eligible homes, nearly ten million are in rural areas and small towns,” Sievert, explained. “Why? Because from the beginning one of our most important goals has been to ensure that small town America isn't left behind in this generation of wireless 5G.”

T-Mobile has its own availability checker tool, where you can find out if you can access 5G Home Internet in your area, and with 10 million of the eligible homes covered by the service located in rural locales, this could be a great option when fiber isn’t viable. 

"We ship a wireless router directly to your home. There's no installation fee or waiting for the cable guy."

Mike Sievert, T-Mobile.

“We're upgrading America's homes to 5G with fast, reliable, high-speed home internet,” Sievert said. "We ship a wireless router directly to your home. There's no installation fee or waiting for the cable guy. Just plug it in and connect wirelessly, with most customers getting average speeds over 100 megabits  per second with no data caps.”

“The feedback has been amazing. In fact, our pilot customers give us a Net Promoter Score that's a hundred and four points higher than their previous ISP, because our service is so simple and fast and straightforward,” Sievert said.

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