China confident that Brazil will choose Huawei to build its 5G network

President Bolsonaro meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi
(Image credit: Marcos Corrêa/PR)

The Chinese government remains confident that Brazil will select Huawei to build-out its 5G networks, despite the security concerns.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to meet with the Brazilian president this week at a summit of the BRICS group, with Bolsonaro having met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi earlier in the year (pictured).

 Confident of cooperation 

China’s Ambassador to Brazil, Yang Wanming, said that, “I am confident in terms of the cooperation between China and Brazil over 5G technology”. Adding that Brazil will take into account its own “development interest” when making a decision on Huawei. 

Brazil’s attitude towards Huawei appears to have remained objective and rational, despite the fear and concern shared by the US. US officials continue to warn their allies against using Huawei components for fear of spying from China. And if Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro were to make this decision, it could certainly cause some tension between the US and Brazil, with Washington warning that it could downgrade security cooperation with Brazil if it gives Huawei the green light. 

What could the future hold for Huawei? 

Whilst the US trade ban with China continues, countries risk alienating themselves from the United States if they use Huawei in their 5G roll-out. This has put a dent into the company’s business, as contracts become harder to secure, but Huawei is confident it can bounce back in 2020.

Fiona Leake

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