KT carries out the world’s first 5G satellite connection

KT SAT 5G satellite
(Image credit: KT)

South Korean telco KT has completed the impressive feat of carrying out a data transfer between its 5G network, and a satellite 36,000km away. 

The company carried out the data transfer through its network with the Mugunghwa 6 satellite, run by its affiliate KT SAT. And KT also plans to use the satellite as a back-haul, when transferring media files to multiple devices simultaneously. This will also enable the carrier to provide more stable 5G services by pairing the network with the satellite.  

A world first 

The data transmission was a world first, demonstrating the impressive super-fast abilities of 5G technology.  KT SAT and the KT Institute of Convergence Technology completed the project together implementing "hybrid terrestrial-satellite 5G transmission”, which combines different networks to deliver data quicker, as well as enabling 5G edge cloud media transmission using satellite communications backhaul links.

KT SAT operates a total of five satellites, which will allow the company to deploy 5G globally. This is ideal for areas where 5G coverage is unstable, or for use during a crisis, as these satellites can continue the 5G operation.

This technology could also assist in bringing 5G wireless coverage to developing nations with weak infrastructure, or areas that aren’t easily accessible. 

Global standard 

"We are very pleased to have succeeded in interlinking satellite and 5G for the first time in the world by using the 5G technologies possessed by KT Group."

Jeon Hong-Beom, KT.

KT hopes to set the global standard for satellite-enabled 5G technology, to make its network accessible to all, at faster and more secure speeds than ever. 

"Meshing satellite and 5G will create communication environments without regional gaps, greatly contributing to both disaster and emergency communication and content markets where communication is quintessential," said Hahn Won-Sic, president of KT SAT. "Through continued technological exchange with KT, we will strive to achieve global technological standardization and provide good customer service."

Jeon Hong-Beom, KT's executive vice president and head of the KT Institute of Convergence Technology, said, "We are very pleased to have succeeded in interlinking satellite and 5G for the first time in the world by using the 5G technologies possessed by KT Group. We expect that our institute will contribute to developing new business models in the days ahead by mustering our group-wide technological prowess."

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