Nokia completes Indonesia’s first 5G end-to-end network trial

(Image credit: Nokia)

Nokia and Hutchison 3 Indonesia have successfully completed Indonesia’s first end-to-end 5G network trial. The trial, conducted using Nokia’s network on millimeter wave frequencies, demonstrates Hutchison 3’s ability to support end-to-end 5G deployment.  

Conducting the trial 

The trial consisted of multiple tests which captured highest data download speeds of up to 1.62 Gbps with 11ms latency while upload speeds of 75.9 Mbps were measured.

A voice call test was also included in the trial, using the 5G network to demonstrate what speeds could be achieved.

The trial hoped to demonstrate education-related uses for 5G. Therefore, they used 5G technology to carry out a public lecture in real-time between two major cities, Surabaya and Jakarta. 

These tests were all carried out over a Nokia-built network which offered high speeds with very low latency, which allowed the live public lecture to be carried out. 5G technology was used to show students how they can have remote access to certain learning materials and how learning experiences can be much more immersive. 

“An important milestone”

KP Goh, Head of Indonesia at Nokia, said: “Completing the first 5G end-to-end trial in Indonesia is an important milestone. 5G is going to change just about everything – every industry, every business, and every experience – including the student experience. With Nokia’s end-to-end 5G technology, Indonesia is ready to support 5G deployment now and Indonesian students are able to reap the benefits of faster connections with lower latency. With 48 commercial 5G contracts and more than 100 customer engagements, we are pleased to see the pace of 5G progress accelerating across the globe – including Indonesia.”

It is certainly very positive news for Nokia, as it looks to secure new contracts, and successfully demonstrate the power of its end-to-end 5G expertise. 

Fiona Leake

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